The Ice Cream & Cookie Co: Gourmet Ice Cream

Ice cream cookie is easy to eat but difficult to buy. After picking up the news about this delicious chilled treat from the Straits Times, I went online to order immediately, only to learn that there was a policy of minimum order of 5pieces for each flavour. But the folks have changed it.
Now, they allow customers to order single pieces for any flavour, which is great especially for people who love to try a bit of everything. You can pick them up yourself or request delivery (charges apply). If only they have implemented the changes earlier, I would not have to go around the island visiting restaurants/café just to buy the cookie and leave.
Chocolate macaroon + Earl grey ice cream-- discernible tea taste but macaroon was slightly too thin and crumbly.  
Chocolate macaroon + Espresso ice cream $6.90
If you think of this as simply ice-cream + 2 pieces of biscuits, then the price will not be very cheap. But after buying 2 of the (now-not-so-new) patisserie line flavours from The Cajun Kings, I began hunting for more as the ice cream is well-assured of quality. So far none has disappointed but I prefer the regular creations (cookies sandwiches $5) to the patisserie line (macaron sandwiches $6.90 ). 

Though the ice cream leans on the sweet side,one good thing about Ice Cream Cookie is that they do not recycle the same biscuit base for different ice cream flavours. So each one is a unique combination. Depending on your taste preferences, my favourite was the Milk & Cookies(Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookie + Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream). This is NOT just an average cookies-and-cream ice cream. The cookie was laced with chunky fat chocolate chips and the ice cream had a precise vanilla flavour. Big and bulky, this could simply be the most sinful indulgence out of the list but I like it.Strawberry Shortcake cost a whopping $8 (similar to the Milks & Cookies) when bought at Cups and Canvas, one of the shops that retail the ice cream. Felt like daylight robbery because the actual price is $5. But forget it. This boasts a buttery Shortbread cookie and fruity strawberry ice cream. Cups & Canvas goes an extra mile by providing strawberry sauce and chocolate sauce (which tasted like hersheys). Nice thought but the ice cream is quite sweet itself and can do without itRecently they even have durian puff (Choux pastry puff + durian ice cream) after releasing the macaron series. However, as said earlier, perhaps it's safer to stick to the cookies line for it is what they excel at. And so the new Butterscotch Bacon (Brown sugar cookie + butterscotch bacon ice cream) sounds devilishly good and may fit the perfect bill. 
Ice Cream Cookie Co
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Or they can be purchased at retail venues including The Cajun Kings or Cups and Canvas.
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