Overdoughs: Calories Overboard

I have not forgotten the last time I went to Artichoke 2 years ago. The food was great and I've finally paid a dessert pilgrimage to its sister cafe at Overdoughs selling very sinfully good (x5) pastries. One example is the bak kwa sticky bun that I had at the Public Garden Event.

It was supposed to be a lunch cum dessert session at Overdough but it turned out that lunch is only available on weekdays. Hence, we head next door to Artichoke without reservations but luckily there were seats.

With fewer than 5 items on the menu, we chose the Mezze Platter ($25 see top picture) . The fluffly za'atar toast was a natural match for the extremely savoury items such as smoked salmon, Serrano ham and mozzarella-like Turkish string cheese. And the Beetroot tzaiki and zucchini pickles provided a tangy contrast to the creamy Chicken sesame hummus.
Turkish String Cheese that is shaped like anything but string.
Finally, the moment for all things sweet arrived when the Snickers Tart $6.40 was served. This is simply superb. The gooey salted caramel  that stuck to the teeth nonchanlantly as you sink through the chocolate ganache dusted with golden peanut brittle and then the next layer of peanut butter Nougatine. But it was a love-hate relationship with the cornflake crust, which took a long time to saw with a knife. Next time I would have it warmed up, for sure.

Though I am not a Banana fan, the Roasted Banana Muffin $5.40 looks too good to be missed. The best part was the crumbly surface that is scattered with streusels and super-irresistible toffee sauce. It was clever for the pastry chef to use mini-sized blueberries, as they would not burst under heat and affect the muffin batter.  But more sauce would be perfect to conquer the giant as it became boring towards the core.

Overdoughs's Oreo cheesecake block ($4.80) is easily the most sinful cheesecake per area square in Singapore because oreo chunks, salted caramel pretzels and cookie doughs are all dunked in. Served warm, this is rich-tasting but not too unctuous and cloying. Despite the name, this was not salty at all and I would not mind having it again.

At Overdoughs, the calories can get overboard. But this is only the beginning......
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161, Middle Road, Sculpture Square, S188978
(Nearest Station: Bras Basah/ Bugis/ City Hall)

Here's the map to the location: http://www.streetdirectory.com/asiatravel/singaporemap/business/210462/410661/
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