Krispy Kreme Donuts: The Return of Krispy Skremes!!!

Many of you might know by now that Krispy Kreme has opened in the basement of Tangs, Singapore on 12th October. With the hype and marketing everywhere, it is likely that many people will be queuing up for the donuts. Over here in Tokyo, there is not so much tussle over donuts since the new craze is Pancakes. But Krispy Kreme is still very popular, together with Mister Donuts. Halloween Lights?
Contrary to the celebratory opening mood in Singapore, there is a spooky atmosphere at Krispy Kreme Japan. All because Krispy Scremes have returned this Halloween!!! *screams*

Starting off with the Caramel Halloween Jack--A Caramel Custard-filled donut with pumpkin-flavored chocolate coating in "Jack Lantern" face (220 yen)

Next up is one that creepie creature that would crawl onto you. Orange Chocolate Spider--a "kosong" or original donut in white chocolate spider webs and bits of dried orange peel that gave a not-too-sharp citrusy flavour. Not sure if it is due to the dry environment but this donut is rather dry.

And so I prefer the Purple Potato Mont Blanc 200yen because its a double layer of sweet potato cream and milk cream. And the ramdomly scattered pumpkin dices pulls it back to the Halloween pumpkin theme.

The Hazelnuts Latte (200yen) is not a Halloween edition donut but a seasonal Autumn flavour. Piped with fragrant hazelnut cream, this oblong fried bun is coated with white chocolate and caramel chocolate stripes. The cream filling, though light and nutty, was limited only to the core. It would be my dream come true if only they could have filled at least 3/4 of the donut with a cream puff donut!

Last but not least, the ultimate Original Glazed donut, which I am having for the first time. I am not a donut fan but this has converted me into one now. That speaks how good it is. Fluffy texture without an overpowering greasy smell that I detest. The glaze was kept to a minimum, or should I say, just the right amount and it does not solidify into sugar flakes when cooled.
And it costs 160 Yen or 2 SGD, which is cheaper than the $2.60 one currently sold in Singapore =D Just one thing to note if you are having the Krispy Kreme Original Glazed anywhere in the world. Be patient and don't strike at it immediately.

Have it microwaved for at least 8 seconds. It truly makes a world of difference.
No points for guessing which one is next to go into my stomach. It's none other than the Old-Fashion Green Tea 

Krispy Kreme Japan
Shinjuku Southern Terrace (besides Takashimaya Shinjuku)
Shinjuku-ku Yoyogi 2-2-2
8am-10.30pm Daily (62 Eat-in Seats Available)

Various Outlets:
Shibuya Shine Tower
Yurakucho Itocia
Tachikawa Lumine
Tamagawa Takashimaya
Kita Senjyu Lumine
Diver City Tokyo
Lalaport Toyosu
Visit : for details

Krispy Scremes will return to the other world after 31st Oct

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  1. Any difference between this and the Singapore one that just opened?

    1. Hmm...sorry I can't answer because I haven't tried the one in Singapore yet. Unlikely to try in the near future as I am no longer in Sg


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