Beard Papa Japan: My Power Puffs

Never judge a book by its cover. Same thing goes for cream puff. Most cream puffs look flat and taste flat while some look potentially crusty on the surface but still taste disappointing. Beard Papa's cream puff don't look outstanding but texture and taste are shiny. A reliable and economical brand that I have been going for since it opened its outlet in Singapore. It was my first Japanese cream puff and my family used to buy them in boxes. Unfortunately, now there are only two shops left in Singapore (Bugis and NEX) and the choices are limited. But if you do pop by Japan, be sure to try the seasonal flavours.

My interest for BP cream puff would not have reignited if I had not seen the Melon Pan Poster (Seasonal Edition Puff) from the website.

While the usual melon pan (melon bread) sold here comes with a crumbly crust, the crust of this puff (¥200) is even firmer and crunchy. Give it a bite and the melon custard just ooze out without warning so must prepare tissue paper to catch any remnants before eating.

The Flavour of October is Cappucino(¥200). What makes this special that it is the first Beard Papa Cream Puff to be glazed with white chocolate and dusted with coffee powder. Coffee Cream Filling which is filled with coffee jelly turns out to be alot less sweeter than the melon pan. I had this immediately after the Melon Pan and fell more in love with this at the end. You can select your puff to be either of pie, cookie or paris brest choux for original and monthly flavour. 

And because it was Halloween limited edition pie, I braved the typhoon weather and returned to catch the Caramel Pumpkin Pie Choux. As with their standard operation procedure, the filling is piped freshly into the puff.

However, this pumpkin cream filling was not as velvety as the earlier two. The consistency is more similar to red bean paste and no wonder it could be sliced easily into halved. Perhaps I was too excited about this flavour but it did not turn out to be as delicious as the Cappucino Cream Puff.

Being a heavy rusk addict, it was difficult not to buy their choux rusks, which are the shells of the cream puffs baked dry and coated in sugar) Well, these choux rusks are not as crunchy as bread rusks or cake rusks but the amount of sugar coating is significantly lesser.

Very big packet with super big chunks ( I bought it at promotional size pack 30% more than usual for 200 yen)
And for past flavours, I had the Gelato Matcha Chou ¥150 released during summer last year and apparently available usually from May-late September. As for the Cream Korokoro Cornet ¥136 it is available in Singapore.

Even though you can buy the seasonal flavours at their 159 domestic outlets, some outlets do retail their own special flavour. For example, the Halloween Caramel Pumpkin was sold only at Shinjuku but not at the Shibuya outlet. Shibuya is selling a golden Mont Blanc Pie Choux instead.

Next month flavour is Yaki-imo (Roasted Sweet Potato). After having so many cream puffs, I wonder if I have transformed into a Powerpuff girl......

Beard Papa Japan
Various Outlets:
Shinjuku Outlet:
Odakyu Ace 小田急エース店 B1F
Walk from Shinjuku Station West Exit
10am-10pm Daily (Except Sun/PH: 10am-9pm)

Shibuya Outlet:
Shibuya Mark City Tohoku Noren Street Basement
(Walk right to the end from the entrance of Shibuya Mark City Food Basement)
For store locator and menu:
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  1. i think japanese pumpkin anything is niiiiiiiiice~

    1. haha yea! I luv pumpkin and especially now it is in season, esp the Hokkaido ones. Half a pumpkin costs only about S$1.80 which is super cheap! =D

    2. me toooo~ but the prices during Hokkaido Fair at Taka..*shakes head*


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