Cowkey's Cookies: Mega-popular Hokkaido "Raw" Cookies

Do you like soft cookies? Or you simply can't resist the combination of milk, butter and cheese?Sapporo's famous cookie shop Cowkey's Cookies specialises in "Raw" Cookies. They are extremely soft, but not to the extent of pound cake, chewy but does not cling to your teeth. You can't hear a snap sound when you break them into small pieces.

Since it's from Hokkaido, local butter, cream and flour are used and the cookies are hand-made piece by piece. But that is nothing special. What strikes me is the way they baked it. The oven is a special electron oven that works on the basis of ICAS-Ion Controller Adaptor System. Each cookie is left to rise for 10 days in a negative ion space before being baked. The RICH BUTTER & CREAM (160yen) look innocently plain but is a hundred times richer and more buttery compared to most cookies in Singapore (including Cookies for S.I.D). It feels slightly greasy, and the butter smell lingers on your fingers. Perhaps it's better not to know the amount of FRESH CREAM and BUTTER which was churned into the batter...... 
Similar to the original, this Caramel Cashew (160yen, above) has a pliable texture but it does not truly offer a sharp burnt caramel flavour as described. A popular flavour which I have sampled several times but never bought was the Creamy White Chocolate as it was too sweet. Hence, the Macademia Chocolate  (160yen, below) which is semi-blended with chocolate chunks and PEANUT PASTE would be easier to digest if you are looking for a chocolate cookie. But one thing, the cashew and Macademia nuts were not toasted as they were lifeless without any nutty fragrance. 
There are 4 recommended ways to enjoy the cookies: 
1) Eat at room temperature.  
2) Chilled from the fridge 
3) Warmed by microwaving for 30sec 
4) Throw it on a FRYING PAN till it changed into a nice tanned color.
To get them, you can visit the only retail shop cum café of Cowkey's Cookies in Sapporo. You can enjoy cookies, Sugiya coffee, soft serve ice creams and cookie parfaits there. From time to time, they have pop-up stalls all over Japan such as this one at Odakyu Hokkaido Fair but only for a limited period. Another way is to purchase them online and have them delivered to you (within Hokkaido 400yen/ Rest of Japan 800yen). 
But good news is that they are selling them temporarily in Singapore too. From now till 13th October (Sun), you can buy the cookies at Takashimaya Singapore. Who knows? This may eventually be the next Hokkaido shop in Singapore after Patisserie Snaffles.  

On sales at Takashimaya SG too will be their two NEW flat cookie flavours launched this year. To be honest, the Strawberry Shortcake tasted similar to the regular Creamy White Choc, only a little sourish due to the strawberry bits. If you really crave for strawberry shortcake, it's better to go for the real cake. 
The Toasted Fromage Y525/box of 3, which is made of Hokkaido Cheese with bits of stale almond silvers. It was the least sweetest out of all the cookies and the cheese was discernible but not too overwhelming.  A strong match to the original RICH BUTTER and CREAM.
Another attractive point is their design. The special triangular box that is designed like a slice of cake (for strawberry shortcake) or a block of cheese( toasted fromage flavour), won Japan's Package Design Award 2013. 

Apart from the 4 regular flavours, there is also the MILK CUBE SERIES( 525 yen/box of 8) which is made from a basic WHITE CHOCOLATE cookie dough mixed with different fruits. Despite the crazy crowd at the pop-up stall, I was lucky to bring home samples of all 3 flavours--Blueberry and Milk/ Strawberry & Milk/ Lemon Cheese. 
Somehow, they were more satisfying than the flat cookies. Not only was their sugar level much lower, they do not leave much grease on the lips. The tangy lemon milk forged the deepest impression out of the three. They are not in perfect cubes but slightly round on the edges but who cares?
Photo Credit: Cowkey's Cookies
Their advertising phrase: "食べた瞬間、まさかに北海道の味" means that you can literally get a taste of Hokkaido at that instant when you bite into the cookie. 

Well, the stuff are undeniably tasty. But whether it is an exaggeration or a fact, try it to find out.

Cowkey's Cookies Maruyama Shop
1-23, Minami 1-jyo Nishi 21-chome
Chuo-ku, Sapporo City
Daily: 11am-8pm

Also at Takashimaya Singapore Autumn Hokkaido Fair from now till 13th October Sunday.
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