Spizzico Ristorante Italiano

Spizzico is a cosy Italian restaurant located at UE Square which has been established since 2000. I was quite surprised by its extensive selection of food and it even has an alfresco dining area for those who prefer outdoors. The menu stays close to a traditional Italian style, from soup, salad, cold appetizer, hot appetizers... to risottos, pastas, seafood, carne (meat) and of course desserts.   

But we could not wait and jumped right into the hot appetizer section. Nothing could go severely wrong when fresh squid is used to make this Golden Calamari rings ($18) instead of rubbery frozen kinds. These lightly-battered sotongs are better off on its own instead of being dipped into the Diabolo sauce, which may overpower the original taste the meat.

Handmade flat pasta sautéed with prawn, scallop and sundried tomato in a saffron sauce $28

Not sure if the flat pasta was undercooked as it was rather tough and not anywhere near "char kway teow" nor "hor fun" like the owner humorously quipped. However, the saffron sauce with sundried tomato was not too cheesy along with some fresh, bouncy scallops & prawns.

Cod Fish with Cream Wasabi Sauce $38

For my main course of seafood, I tend to avoid cod fish but this was not overwhelming rich with nicely browned edges. The Cream Wasabi Sauce was slightly too sweet and would prefer it to be sharper.

Pan fried NZ beef tenderloin with duck liver in red wine sauce $48

From the Meat, the highly anticipated beef tenderloin was too thick and thus there was not much taste from the meat or the little sauce. At $42, the quality was not convincing and thus I would still recommend their thin crust pizzas.

We were surprised when the Smoked Salmon Pizza ($20) looked like it had just travelled out from the forest with the lush canopy of wild rocket. It was not spicy as I expected, but the bright flavors of capers and onions complemented the smoked salmon very well.

Not everyone might be fond of the wobbly Pannacotta ($12) but I do. It was not sweet at all and the dark golden brown caramel sauce was bitter, just the way it should be.

On the hindsight, the Cassata($12), a traditional Italian dessert of semifreddo, dried fruits and chocolate sponge was nothing very special. Think ice cream parfait with harder texture.
After coming across many mediocre tiramisu at restaurants, Spizzico's version ($12) was a pleasant surprise with moist sponges and traceable amounts of coffee liquor. A simple yet delightful end-of-meal desserts to have. 

Overall, the food here is relatively sound and I would stick to the pizza, pastas and desserts instead of the seafood/meat course. But what is heartening to know is that the ingredients used at Spizzico are fresh and the sauces are made from scratch. While this place gives me a prim and proper feel with neatly ironed table sheets and heavy utensils, I can imagine it to be a suitable location for families and couples to enjoy quality fare away from the crowds.

Spizzico Ristorante Italiano
81A Clemenceau Avenue #01-13,
UE Square, S(239918)
Tel: 6333 6174 / 6333 6833

Mon to Sun:
11:30am - 2:30pm, 6pm - 10:30pm
**Special thanks to Haren and Spizzico for the invite.

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