2am dessert bar

This dessert hideout at a secluded corner of Holland Village had been on my list since it was opened years ago. The chef-owner Janice had won numerous awards for her pastry creations. However, there seemed to be less positive reviews than negative ones.

Some felt that the quality/portions of the desserts did not justify the expensive price tag while some felt the service was lacking. Finally mustered the necessary courage to visit and well, our experience was not fantastic but not too bad.

The Red Miso Caramel ($15) with mustard crumble sparked my curiosity as saltish desserts often excelled better than purely sweet desserts. The miso lemon foam was robust enough to pair with the slightly tangy mustard yuzu meringue, though my partner found the match rather odd.

This interesting dessert would not dull your taste buds, even though the mustard taste was faint. 
This Southeast Asian style dessert is named "Shades of Green" ($14)
had nothing to do with trees but 2Ps--pistachio and pandan.

The pistachio sponge and coconut mousse were quite forgettable, but what I remembered was the sweet and aromatic pandan gula melaka custard. Overall not too dense nor overly sweet. If you like kaya toasts or nyonya kuehs like ondeh ondeh just like me, you might love this one.
There was a petite tasting menu, from which we ordered the sticky toffee pudding. But at $10 for a small slice, it was pricy and I should have stuck to the regular menu.

The Cheese Avalanche $18 was recommended by the staff as one of the larger-sized desserts. Though the portion was not much different, the cheese mousse was rich and dense, and thus need not be eaten in copious amount. 

The cantaloupe, or more simply, melons injected a refreshing sweetness to the dish. Topped with some candied figs and hard biscotti, this appeared to be spun off from the usual cheese platter (dried fruits, cheese and biscuits).
With some wacky combinations of ingredients, I would not say that the desserts are extremely overpriced but more or less, on par with most western restaurants and even cafes here.
At least they are not boring repetitions of molten lava cake, creme brulee or apple crumble. That said, don't be like me who wanted to save money by ordering the cheaper petite tasting creations. If you wish to go, do check out their website calendar as their opening days are irregular. And as you might have guessed it, this bar opens till 2am.

2am Dessert Bar
21a Lorong Liput S'pore 277733 (Nearest MRT: Holland Village)
Mon-Sat: 6pm-2am
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  1. Cool! Their desserts look great, especially the Cheese Avalanche!!!!! drool!


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