Lotte Koala's March Choco Ball Campaign ‏ 2013

I'm sure everyone here must have seen or heard about this Koala Bear Biscuit from Lotte. These everyday snacks have been one of my favourite brand because they are not only tasty but offer great entertainment. And I would definitely grab any limited edition/seasonal flavour whenever they hit the shelves.

I always call it Koala Biscuit but do you know the actual name is Koala no Machi (Koala's March)? According to the official Japanese site, these bears do not literally march like soldiers but they symbolize motivation to progress forward. They are usually given to friends at the start of school semester or new job to wish them a good head-start.

These two are my favourite characters
Available in 3 flavours-chocolate, strawberry and milk, the koala biscuits sold here are imported from Thailand and occasionally Japan (for limited edition/seasonal flavours). Somehow, with the unique koala bear imprint on each biscuit, they could have a psychological effect of making any kids smile at the cute image. Do you know that there are amazingly more than 365 characters?!?!

I was surprised to find these cards at the lid and base with assigned koala characters. I guessed the specific-print koala biscuit had been mixed into the package. 

Could you find the correct one that matches the photo card from this plate of chocolate koala biscuits below?

I've searched high and low but in fact none of the biscuits in the package match the picture cards.

If you have watched the video about the Koala Chocolate Ball experiment, you would have seen how a packet of biscuits could become a chocolate ball simply by shaking. I was sceptical but was determined to try it! So I used the strawberry and milk flavour.

I shake. I smash. Being too impatient, I threw the strawberry pack on the floor and some crumbs scattered from the pack. Moral of the story: don't try to take shortcut and just shake.

After 1 hour of vigorous shaking, the milk flavoured chocolate ball was BORN!!!!

Woohoo!!~~ I can't believe it actually works! And......the shape was not the only thing that changed. Both the taste and flavour did.

The sweet milk cream binds the crumbs together and the taste becomes stronger! Reminds me of chocolate crispy rice ball.

Holes on the back--Could this be a reason why the giant ball could be formed by just shaking?

After much salvaging in various paper bags and plastic, the strawberry ball took shape but took a much longer time than the milk. Even though it was not the perfect ball, my family had a fun time trying to play with these biscuits!

Try the Lotte Koala's March now!

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