Slappy Cakes : Pancakes that Slap Me Awake!

Pancakes for breakfast has been a long thing of the past. Now, we can not only have it anytime of the day, but create our own! Established since 2009 in America, Slappy Cakes have finally arrived here after successive outlets at Hawaii, Tokyo and Manila. 

This is the third restaurant unveiled by Tung Lok Group at the Grandstand, after its successful launch of Tung Lok Xihe Peking Duck and Modern Asian Diner (MAD)

Here, you do not DIY but MYO, meaning Make-Your-Own pancakes using built-in griddles at the table with chosen tubes of batter. The non-stick griddle suggests that no oil is required at all! So here is how it works at Slappy:

Step 1: pick your batter-- Buttermilk/Whole Grain/Chocolate/Zucchini/Peanut Butter ($8 each)
Step 2: Pick some fixings

On the opening night, we tried the crispy bacon, blueberries, chocolate chip, butter and banana. Other choices include: Assorted berries/ Sea Coconut/ Granola/Almonds/ Hazelnuts/ blue cheese/Brie/cheddar/bacon/ham/chopped scallions.

Prices of sweet fixings start from $1.50 while savoury ones start from $2
Lavender Fizzy Drink
Step 3:  the toppings ($1.50-$3)
We had the 100% maple syrup and lemon curd. But there are many more interesting flavours such as coconut peanut butter, Greek yoghurt and lavender honey.

So time for fun! I started squeezing chocolate batter and whole grain batter on the heated griddle. One thing great about Slappy Pancakes is that you can do anything outrageous with your pancakes. Instead of usual round pancakes, I made a Spongebob (if you can tell...haha:D)

And I loved my pancakes crispy instead of round and fluffy. So I spent a longer time cooking the batter and flattening it like roti prata (see the dark brown "spongebob" on the right).

But if you are aspiring to be a professional pancake master, then the classic round pancakes (left) would impress anyone!

My friend who did an amazing job with her Chocolate Chips Banana Pancakes (she's a great fan of bananas) and Maple Bacon Pancakes. We initially thought that the selling point of Slappy Cakes is the fun of MYO but it is particular about the flavours as well. Our pancakes taste delicious, which means that the recipe of the pre-mixed batter must be good.

Our top 3 favourite batter were Wholegrain, Peanut Butter and Chocolate.

Waiting patiently for our Nth number of pancake to be cooked......

As much as I like to recommend some delicious combination, I think it is better for you to try and make your favourite flavour. One tip: the chocolate batter is quite sweet on its own so it can do without much adornments.
And with the pleasant buttery aroma of pancakes, rest assure that you won't smell like you just walked out from a barbecue house after the meal!

Slappy Cakes
The Grandstand
200 Turf Club Road (Inside MAD)
Singapore 287994

Tel: 6465 1814
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*Special thanks to Christabel for the invite

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  1. haha, this sounds fun!

    1. yeps! It was quite fun because you can make whatever type of pancake u like. But I do hope they have more brunch items in future :)

  2. Is the place Halal?


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