Social Media Fiesta 2013 : Cook for your loved ones!


In conjunction with Singapore Social Media Day 2013, has partnered with premium food brand, CP Food to promote home cooking through social media.  The objective is to spread the message of family and social bonding.
To celebrate this campaign, I have made several dishes for my entire big family using the products that CP Food has generously provided. And for the month of July, I'll be posting some simple recipes which even you can whip up at home for your loved ones!  
Since part of my blog is about food in Japan, let me start off with two Japanese-inspired dishes:    
1) Tori Karaage with Japanese Potato Salad

The image of tori karaage (Japanese fried chicken) came to my mind when I saw the packages of CP Popcorn Chicken. Tori Karaage are served as simple side dishes in izakaya or family restaurants. I thought serving it with chilli sauce/ketchup would be pretty boring, so why not make a tangy Japanese potato salad to go with it? ( hehe...its actually an excuse to eat the salad because I am missing this dish badly in Singapore)
Ingredients: Serves more than 10 
This recipe can be halved but better to make more as they are so delicious that they are gone in seconds
For Tori Karaage : (Please defroze in advance)
  • 1 Pack CP Popcorn chicken 
  • 1 Pack CP Golden Fried Chicken (Exclusive at NTUC)
For Japanese Potato Salad: 
  • 4 Russet Potatoes 
  • 3/4 canned corn drained (or use fresh corn=more tedious) 
  • 2 Japanese Cucumber (cut into 2-in slices, you don't have to measure as you can just cut it as thin as you like)
  • 2 medium sized carrots (same logic above applies, but microwave or steamed a little for easy bite)
  • 2 boiled eggs
  • Salt 
  • 24 Tb Japanese Mayonnaise (non-Japanese version would taste different, really)
STEPS: (adapted from Nami-san of justonecookbook)
 1) Prepare Potato: Peel Potato Skin and cut into chunks. Throw all into boiling water and cook till soft (able to poke through with a chopstick or any utensils)
2) Mash the potato with a fork/spoon till the consistency you like (i prefer smooth but still with little bits for texture) 
3) Mash the boiled eggs.
4) Dunk everything (potato, eggs, cucumbers, corn, carrots) and mayonnaise and mix with all force. 
5) Season with salt (I skipped black pepper and ham as I did not have them) and chill till ready to serve.
6) Prepare Chicken: Deep fry the chicken after thawing for the best crispy texture (I tried both deep frying and microwave but the latter method resulted in soggy chicken bites)
7) Assemble the chicken with the potato salad. Plate with tomato, lettuce and cucumber as you like. 

For the 2nd recipe: Teriyaki Chicken Kong Ba Bao 
This easy-to-prepare dish marries the two traditional dishes of Japan and China into one which you can make at home. No cooking is involved, except for the teriyaki sauce ( as there is not much sauce in the package to go with the steamed buns) 
  • CP Teriyaki Chicken + CP Teriyaki Chicken Rice Set (Optional as I wanted to cook for more people, so I used the chicken and saved the rice for another time)
  • Steamed Leaf Buns 
  • 1/2 cup soy sauce
  • 1/2 cup mirin
  • 2 Tb Sugar
  • Fresh Lettuce
  • Parsley for garnish 
1) Microwave chicken for 4-5 min on HIGH Heat
2) Combine all soy sauce, mirin and sugar in a saucepan and cook on medium heat till the thick consistency that you like
3) To assemble : Place lettuce and teriyaki chicken into the steamed bun. Drizzle as much sauce as you like. Garnish with parsley before serving. Itadakimasu!~ 


Don't you think these recipes are so easy to make? If you don't have microwave, fear not! CP packages can be heated by steaming. What's more, the ingredients are easy to find and minimal cooking involved so that you don't have to worry about scrubbing an oily kitchen. 

Join in this meaningful social campaign and start cooking for you and your loved ones now! 12 home cooks who submit the best photos and captions of your home-cooked meals on Instagram will stand to win attractive prizes:

1 x $1,000 CapitaMall shopping vouchers and CP Foods product hamper worth $100 for Best Submission using CP Foods product in their home-cooked meal (product name must be included in the photo caption).

1 x $500 CapitaMall shopping vouchers and CP Foods product hamper worth $100 for Best Submission using non-CP Foods product in their home-cooked meal.

10 x CP Foods product hampers worth $50

Official hashtags: #SGSMD2013 and #CPFoodsSG
Closing date for submission: 31 July 2013
The Singapore Social Media Day is part of a series of events branded under Social Media Fiesta (, an social media initiative.

**Special thanks to and CP Foods for organising and sponsoring the food.
For Part 2 of this cooking series, click here!


  1. Allo! just saw your comment on one of my entries hahah.. hehe..yup..actually i am legally married ( ROM last year) .Our customary is in 4 mths time!! Hey, I love CP food.. but don't think I will take part in many good cooks out there..hahah. But sure looks fun! :D


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