Poulet : Affordable French Food II of III

The second half of last year seems like a crazy period as people swooned to try out casual French food which aims to change the equation of "French cuisine=fine dining=expensive" When we heard about Poulet at Bugis+, we were quite excited as it is quite rare for French restuarants to open in shopping malls. Hence the second post of the affordable french food series (read here for the first post) will be our Poulet visit last September......

The French Onion Soup ($5.80) might not be the cuppa soup for everyone as they replaced the melty cheese with cheese croutons. Personally, I am a traditionalist who would prefer the version from Taratata Bistrot.

 Their signature Poulet Roti ( Poulet : say poo-lay , means chicken in French) served with creamy fresh button mushroom Chardonnay Sauce truly lived up to its good reputation. (Half for $15.80 /Whole 28.80) Though the white wine was not strong, I always like the symphony of mushroom cream and chicken and thus more sauce would make it a perfect one.

But I have to admit that I was drawn towards the Iberico Pork Belly with French Mustard($15.80) that day. Even though it did not received much praises, I find it to be tastier than those served in other place like here. The tender pork was more flavorful than the chicken on its own but we did not forget the bed of mash that was so irresistibly smooth.
I love Tiramisu ($7.80) but tends to skip them in local restaurants. We nearly left without trying as it was out of stock until we were informed that a new batch was available. Chilled, rich creamy mascarpone cheese and the bitter coffee-soaked sponge makes it one of a more memorable tiramisu in Singapore. But still, a more intense alcoholic booze will be ideal.

As an excuse to spend more time chatting, we ordered another dessert that requires 20minutes to make! Tadaa....the golden apple tart with sweet almond fragipane topped with a large ball of vanilla ice cream. The version here is unique for its buttery crumbly base which I have not yet find in other places. Do not miss this if you love apple desserts.
Poulet's prices might be slightly more expensive than Saveur (here) but the ambience is more relaxed and you won't feel rushed to finish your food. Good news is that they have opened a 2nd outlet in Great World City with some new items. And I can't wait to visit that place for their escargots and other french delights!

201 Victoria Street
Level 4, Bugis+ (formerly known as Illuma)
Singapore 188067
10am to 10pm daily


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