Ciel Patisserie : Another French Pastry Shop in the Heartlands

Ciel Patisserie is another cake shop locate in the HDB area that serves French-inspired pastries. With the clean white bright cheery interior, why would not one step in to have a look?
This place is opened by two young entrepreneurs, one who had received training at the prestigious culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu.

One of the widely reported cake was the Fuji($5.20), the symbolic icon of Japan. Perhaps I had too much expectations for this and hence the flavours did not excite me in the end. On first glance, it already looked different from the pictures taken by previous consumers as well as on their website.
A fairly decent green tea mousse which was not too sweet sat on top an unevenly soaked, partially dry green tea sponge cake. The longan fruit gelee/jelly in the centre was a bizarre pairing which I have yet come to appreciate.

On the other hand, The Choux ($3.20) which was not one of the pastries that received much media spotlight, left a deep impression for a finicky choux pastry eater like me.
The choux pastry skin was sturdy, aromatic, and salty. Though the saltiness was comparably intense, it was just right to cut through the richness of the vanilla cream which left no space in the puff unoccupied.
Being one of the popular items,  Sel ($4.80) is similar to a classic French pastry made of chocolate ganache on top of salted crumbly cakey shortbread. I love salted desserts but this one fell short with rough specks of sea salt which might be better substituted with other kinds of salt. But having taken the price into consideration, I would not demand more.
Looking at the beautiful display, this place definitely has more than enough variety desserts for sweet lovers to devour without rush. I would not say that the quality is the best but the effort put into delivering simple affordable pastries to a wider audience is commendable and thus makes it a good new place to share with friends and family. I will be back, for sure, but with NUS card for 10% discount.
Ciel Patisserie
124 Hougang Ave 1
Singapore 530124
Tues - Thurs 11am to 8pm
Fri - Sat 11am to 9pm
Sun 3pm to 9pm
Closed on Mondays