Caffe B : Japanese-Italian Cuisine

If you are thinking of pampering yourself this Valentine's day, Caffe B might be the place for you. This Japanese-Italian restaurant sits a distance away from most celebrity chef restaurants , providing a quiet ambience though one might take some time to be used to the dimly lit brown interior. 
bread with pumpkin butter that does not really taste like pumpkin
The set meal of five courses is based on the Groupon voucher and not all items are available on the ala carte menu. 
Amuse Bouche  :  Deep fried Myoga in Italian Butter (right)
Simply put, this is like a less crispy version of the gyoza or fried dumpling filled with the pink ginger  (myoga) which you normally have in Japanese sushi restaurants
Amuse Bouche :Truffle Potato and Asparagus Croquette (left) is a mini sized deep fried ball which tasted more grainy than the usual smooth creamy Croquette paired with a savoury Pamersan cheese crisp below.

But I appreciated this complimentary Amuse Bouche of mushroom mousse more than the two fried items. Looks avant-garde and it sure tasted that way too. Just imagine your Starbucks whipped cream unsweetened and infused with mushroom and taking a bite of mozzarella cheese later.
We loved the very nourishingly sweet Japanese pumpkin soup with tomato, with the nutty aroma from the roasted walnuts topped with a piece of fried basil
For the main, I believed our choice of the Argentinian Beef Tenderloin with Marsala (red wine) Reduction was a right one out of the three choices including salmon and risotto.
 The purple and white pom douchesse are the two spiral shaped things if you can spot them in the picture. They are seasoned mashed potato mixed with egg, squeezed out from a piping bag then baked till golden.
Just look at how pink the meat is and you can imagine the tender of the beef was.  The meat sat on top of spinach puree next to a sauteed radicchio trevigano, a vegetable which resembled purple cabbage to me. Click here for your daily dose of wiki knowledge.
Squid Ink Uni Pasta is a signature ala carte dish which truly stood out from the usual squid ink dishes as the tangy  tomato cream balanced the unique smell of the Uni which some people might be afraid of. The Japanese eggplant was sliced  into rounds was plain on its own naturally but a perfect match when eaten with the pasta.
 Pre dessert: refreshing sweet melon granite and basil with chantily cream. I just realised the chefs from Caffe B must have loved basil a lot.
Fortunately, the standard of the dessert was consistent with the earlier dishes. The chocolate semifredo with croccante is a frozen mousse coated with nuts. It had a sticky chewy texture when served in a semi defrosting stage.
One must be quick to snatch the chocolate triangular shaped flat biscuit if you are sharing this with someone. It was just the right Italian biscuit which I was looking for. Bitter with a tinge of earthy cocoa  fragrance:)
Service was courteous while not too friendly since a distance is kept to give some personal space to diners especially since most customers that night were couples. Anyway, there is still something that grapples me.

 In Japan, I've heard of B-class restaurants, whose names are relative to A-class Michelin restaurants but it does not mean that the food is not good. It just implies that such places are more down-to-earth eateries, serving delicious cuisine with inexpensive prices. Could that be why Caffe B is called Caffe B ? :)
Caffe B
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