De La Creme Patisserie

This place opened in 2011 and thus I was unaware of its existence until a friend highly recommended its macarons. Located in a quiet private estate area, it was a cafe with a black interior that serves all day brunch and pastas. Of course, my eyes were already set on the display of cakes.
 Having gone all the way to the East,  I had to try all the flavours, especially the Gula melaka since not many offer this as a regular item. But out of all , I like the Salted Caramel best because of the sharp specks of salts that jump at your tastebuds.

Other flavours include rose, earl grey, passionfruit, chocolate amer and red velvet  ($2.40/6 for $12.90) the shells are indeed not too dry, but so fragile that one has to handle them with care. The buttercream filling was generous but I wish they can be more consistent as some are smaller and flatter. Indeed,  they are truly one of the best in town though not all flavours (eg. salted yuzu/basil) listed on their site were spotted.

But apart from the macarons, the cakes were quite average. I like white chocolate but the layer in Genevieve($6.90) was too sweet even if 70%chocolate was sandwiched in the centre. Luckily, it was saved by the smooth texture of the mousse and the crunchy praline feuillettine base. 

The Red Velvet cheesecake($5.90 in this Valentine seasons /$7.50 for a regular larger slice) is petite but rich and heavy on the palate. Something like a Dense NY-style cheesecake but loaded on top a sticky chocolate brownie. You may want to just go for their Red Velvet Macaron and skip this.

The mango shortcake ($7.90) was a disappointment. I always believe a shortcake marks the basic skills of the chef but I think this did not pass. The sponge was not fragrant (perhaps due to the egg). and somehow not naturally moist because it has been soaked with liquor. I know some chefs like to brush the sponge with it but this...hmm.And the fresh cream was too thin to take notice.

Well, at least the classic opera ($6.90) was not bad. The quality is about the same as Delifrance. Even though I prefer the macarons to the cakes, I still recommend you to go there and have a try. After all there aren't many true standalone patisserie shops in Singapore. Most newly opened ones are cafes that specialize in coffee and the cakes......well become quite mediocre. Should I drop pass the East again, I would not mind returning for their new creations if they are available :)

For more information about the young chef and his partner, visit
De La Creme
42 Siglap Drive
Singapore 456167 
(Closed Mon)
Tues-Thurs : 3pm-10pm
Fri/Sat : 12pm-11pm
Sun: 10am-1pm