Entrenous Creperie : French Crepes in Singapore

This famous French crepe shop a few stops away from the popular Saveur has been receiving good reviews and recommendations.  Entrenous is an adjective for "between us" , "in-confidence". Although they are famous for their savoury and sweet Crepes, it was a surprise to find many French classics such as escargots, onion soup and quiches here. 

The place has a family ambience but also resembled a small art cafe as the paintings of French scenery and cuisine hung around the wall, which seems like a totally different world from the chicken rice shop two doors away.
egg and emmental cheese ($14.80)
So the star or stars of that day were none other than the Crepes. For the savoury Crepes, one can order from items with at least an ingredient such as ham or experiment with the various combinations they have. Perhaps one bonus of choosing savoury over sweet is that it comes with  a bowl of salad.

Stephan favourite ($19.80) is a galette filled with roasted chicken, wholegrain mustard and caramelised onions. Galette refers to a savoury crepe made with buckwheat flour. The ones here are organic and unsweetened, good for those who are especially health conscious!

For drinks, the Faustine's Milky Dream ($6) , which named after the daughter of the owners here sounds like every child's sweet fairytale with a happy ending. This was simply thick frothy milk topped with salted caramel which was not overly sweetened.

For those who can't go without meat but wants some cheese as well, the Brehat ($18.90) = egg + emmental cheese + ham might satisfy the meat lust.....just a little bit.

The Entrenous ($20.80) is an avocado with shrimp, tomatoes combination which is very tasty as the green paste is not simply pureed avocado but blended with garlic and cream. Lightly salted, those who avoid avocados should try this as it is not too buttery.

La  Arz $20.40 was the most outstanding looking crepe of that day because it was the only crepe whose fillings are layered on top and not wrapped within.
Smoked salmon, chives creme Fraiche and lemon......the chemistry between the four ingredients is just more than romance. 

As for the sweet Crepes,  the salted butter caramel ($9.90) was a slight disappointment as the crepe skin could be more evenly cooked but the sauce was really fantastic! It might be personal preferences but I usually liked crispy thin-layered crepes but every culture does crepes its unique way :)

Glenan ($14.90) is another sweet crepe filled with nothing but drizzled with maple syrup and sweet coconut flakes. Was attracted to the salted butter caramel ice cream since it is their signature item (they even sell them in takeaway jars!) but the ice cream was too sweet to our liking. Surprisingly, this taste like Malay coconut kueh with aromatic coconut fragrance.

This French house attracts many office workers during weekdays but we were glad we went on a Sunday afternoon when the place is not too crowded and perfect for chilling out with friends. As you might have noticed, many of the items are named after the owner and his family. I guessed this is one adept expression of how chef-owners translate their passion for life into their food.

Entrenous Creperie
27 Seah Street (near Raffles Hotel)
Visit :  http://www.entrenous.sg/ for more details and menu