Hoshino Coffee : Still a Long Way to Go

The pancake souffle
After reading so much about the hype over this Japanese kopitiam, we decided to head over during a weekday evening. The selection is not very wide and is truly just everything shown in the photo below.

However, this trip made me realise how inefficient communication in the kitchen can actually hold up the queue and upsets diners even though this usually happens in Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares.

Speaking of the food, the baked curry rice ($15) was delicious as the beef curry sauce was really thick and savoury.
The soft egg yolk enhances the richness of the rice. It has been years ago since I had my Japanese curry rice.

The pancake souffle ($9.80 for 1 and $12 for double) is nothing spectacular and was a little tad dry and less fluffy than a Mac pancake. Hence had to rely on the brown sugar syrup to finish this although they gave us the maple syrup which we did not choose.
The puny little salted whipped cream was definitely not enough to go with the thick pancake. Extra charge goes for additional cream :S 
Fortunately, the matcha souffle ($9.80) saved the day. Even though it did not rise to a considerable height, it was filled with sweet matcha custard and thus this warm pud was really comforting one to enjoy.
The only dish that I would recommend one to try. Wanted to give their matcha latte a try but did not after looking at the small portion for $7.50 a cup which the table beside us ordered.
In short, this place is definitely not worth queuing so better to avoid peak hours. I think it is very adventurous or bold for a newly opened restaurant to offer so many soufflé items as they require long waiting time. However, this must be provided that the orders run smoothly without missing out or leaving out any item, only to have realized that the kitchen had left out the order after customers' reminders.

Hoshino Coffee (星乃珈琲店)
68 Orchard Road, #03-84,Plaza Shingapura, Singapore 238839



  1. Yep the service has still got a long way to go... how long does it take for two cups of their coffee to be made? 15 min?

    One of our pancake souffle came even before the coffee, even though the pancake souffle takes at least 20 minutes to make...

    After reminders, we still waited like close to 30 minutes beofre the coffee came and then when we asked, the waitress admitted that they forgot to make sure it was on our orders... later when another waiter served us the Matcha souffle and was probed why our coffee took so long to be served... this time he gave the answer that it's because it takes a long time to make the coffee... obviously just giving "standard" sweeping answers...

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Thanks for sharing your experience here. I can totally understand your frustration. And I absolutely agree with you that they must have left out the coffee order just like my matcha souffle order.

      Hope that such things won't happen in future and that foreign brands brought into the local market won't damage the original reputation of that brand. Please feel free to share any comments or anything about food (eg your recommended food) here.

      Hope you continue to enjoy reading my blog too!:) have a great new year ahead.

  2. Had the matcha soufflé. The green tea sauce very pure and nice. But the insides of the soufflé was sadly not the way soufflé should be. I had soufflé last month in Tokyo (HOUSE TEA α CARMEL on 12F Takashimaya Shinjuku) and it was heavenly and the insides of the soufflé was cake like but the soufflé from hoshino tasted just like egg tart on the inside and was basically empty internally. Not nice. But will be back to try their main courses.


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