Hong Chang Eating House: Sambal and Chincalok

 Geylang is usually the place we head for for our durians and frog leg porridge. But of course that does not imply that other places do not offer equally good frog leg porridge. But my target of that day was actually the sambal seafood and not the frog leg porridge.

Frog Leg Porridge Spring Onion and Ginger/ Spicy with dried chilli
Good ol' 田鸡粥 is hard to go wrong.  It was served boiling hot with the bubbles fuming furiously in the claypot. The brownish black gravy of the Dried Chilli (宫宝) version seems to be less spicy than the geylang version but one thing good is that the amount of MSG tasted here is relatively lesser but it still gives that umami punch. 

The congee is not totally plain in taste and resembles more of a watery version which has been cooked for long hours. Dunk it with ladles of gravy and it"ll be hard to stop at one bowl.

huge chunks of fresh and tender frog leg.
Hong Chang eating house is one of the shophouse on Bradell Road that seems to have a consistent flow of customers. However, parking spaces are limited and taken up very fast during peak dining hours.

Another dish is the killer Sambal stingray with the Chincalok that made me had ulcer after swomping down the entire plate by myself. Sambal paste was awesome but just wished that it could be further grilled for some burnt edges and aroma.

Chilli Blood cockles
Addictive for those who love them. The chilli gravy here is a mix of sour sweet and spicy taste reminds of Assam fish.

 Furong omelette which had a marginally average taste for non spicy food eaters
Last but not least, how could we not order Sambal kangkong? Surprisingly, the kangkong here was just right as it did not leak out much water after a while and just shiokingly spicy and subtly sweet.
It was a blazing night of yummy food that satisfied my craving for sambal and of course the boiling hot porridge. If anyone has good recommendations of other spicy haunts, please feel free to leave a comment.

Hong Chang Eating House
2 Braddell Road