Antoinette: Christmas Macarons

Fruit Cake Macaron
Brandy-steeped mixed fruits with spices
Having happily skipped the Christmas celebration in Singapore last year, I realised that there is an increase in variety of seasonal macarons from stand alone Patisserie shops such as Antoinette and Canele but also a drop in the selection of individual petit gateaus or log cakes from hotels.
Rum and raisin macaron
Jamaica rum with rum macerated raisins
This year, Antoinette has come up with 3 Christmas macarons ( fruit cake, rum and raisin , orange flower) along with 4 other Christmas cakes which are upsized versions of its regular petit cakes.

Orange Flower
Citrus orange flower cream.
In all, these Xmas flavors like fruit cake are not exactly what I prefer but is certainly a welcome innovation. The macaron shells are slightly dry and hard. Hence they are fairly decent but not the best versions in town so far.
Available at all Antoinette Outlets
( Palaise, Scarlet, Penhas, Mandarin Gallery)

Though this danish in white chocolate icing is not from Antoinette but from Bread Society,
it is still relevant to share here as it is simple yet delicious. The buttery dansih pastry itself was crisp and near excellent.


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