dessert.cup : Festive Season Cupcakes

Cupcakes might be the impression that they look good but don't taste good. But some seasonal limited edition flavors have convinced me to splurge on them despite having always been ignoring them no matter how attractive they are. After all, how many different combinations can one go if the base of cupcakes are usually vanilla, coffee or chocolate? 

dessert.cup have introduced 6 seasonal flavors , one of which is the
EggNog :blue caramel cream on a French vanilla cake with Eggnog Coulis.
The blue buttercream frosting was at the perfect texture after leaving them in room temperature for an hour. The caramel taste was not distinct though but the moist buttery cupcake and the white eggnog-spiked lava in the centre were incredible.
The Banoffee Cupcake is a Vanilla Chantily Cream on Banana Cake with Toffee sauce.
The toffee sauce was nowhere to be found though and the banana cake base was not as moist as the Eggnog Cupcake. Fortunately, the amount of cream was sufficient and generous to go with the cake as compared to the other conventional cupcakes. Would be happier if the center is also filled with something.
Besides jars of homemade cookies, they also have Assorted Belgium Pralines with various fillings like hazelnut, eggnog, cinnamon and peppermint.

Despite being produced by a cupcake store, the quality of the chocolates was not exactly top-notched but still decent and can passed as a good gift.

Other seasonal flavours include : Raspberry Strawberry (raspberry cream with strawberry cake topped with a white chocolate truffle) and Apple Toffee (Fresh apple cream with apple smith cake topped with toffee sauce).  After this season, I have perhaps realised that cupcakes may not be so boring after all.
Raffles City Shopping Centre Basement