Canele Patisserie: Christmas Delights

 This year, the revamped Canele has infused the traditional sweets with some new flavours that are bound to light up anyone's Christmas.

Amedei Chuao Cassis(centre with a chocolate star)/ Chestnut Obession (the one with glittering shine)/ Cranberry Indulgence (pink)/ Elderflower Blossom (green)/Gingerbread( orange)/ Nougat Temptation(yellow)
First, here are the all-time favourite  6-box Christmas Edition Macarons. With such a colourful combination, I am sure this will definitely put a smile on anybody's face.


 Each Macaron is larger than the christmas  macarons by Antoinette and the ganache filling is really thick and sweet. My favourite is this Gingerbread version (the orange one) because it has simply the richest festive taste of spice in its fillings.

The flavors in others were overwhelmed by the white chocolate ganache and thus were not distinct enough. Texture wise, this nougatine (yellow) filled center gave the additional crunch and a pleasant turn from jam or compote filled centers.

Fancy some log cakes? Try "Dawn" mascarpone rum mousse with the expectedly sweet chestnut cream, bitter orange marmalade and vanilla sponge.
The crunchy meringue is fortunately just a thin wall layered in the middle so this is very suited for those who are usually chased away by the sugar-high mont Blanc. 

The " Dusk" is an ultimate chocolate  decadence of made with good quality  Amedei chocolate. Love that silky chocolate glaze which is a sweet contrast to the more intense bitter chocolate mousse though I did not quite agree that the chocolate sponge really fluffy.
But anything containing crispy praline will always work for me and has come to be one of the deciding component when I choose a cake. Now the problem comes when this dark logcake seems to suffer under the heat more easily than the rest. (the base of my takeaway box was soaked in chocolate juice)
 Canele's christmas catalogue really gets me excited with the saliva-drooling pictures and I happily concede that I have succumbed to their marketing 'ploy'. Time  to indulge in these heartwarming treats this festive season ! 

Canele Patisserie
Various outlets including Raffles City Shopping Mall & Paragon



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