Season of Green...また、抹茶の味

 Matcha Cream Senbei  抹茶クリームせんべい
from Kyoto Wagashi Shop 青木光悦堂 (est. Meiji 25th year)

Seems like April is the month of Matcha, with the non-ceasing emergence of matcha products. Many shops have set up special corners just dedicated to the display and sale of matcha products. The popularity of matcha this month perhaps has got something to do with the season of spring and sakura.  
Unlike the usual matcha biscuits or langue de chats, the biscuit layer is not milky or buttery. It tastes like thin versions of traditional senbei but is much flakier than senbei. The striped appearance is a telling sign of its crispness. The matcha cream sandwiched in between the biscuits is not buttercream and thus does not have an artificial flavour. The dark hue green colour parallels its rich matcha flavour that is bitter and not sweet at all. A rare gem of matcha biscuits indeed.
Lawson's Matcha Eclair ( A collaboration with Kyoto's Matcha Producer Morihan)

although the cream puff skin is quite average, the matcha cream is really impressive as it is rich and has a dense flavour of matcha. Only available for a limited time and only in Lawson Stores found in Kanto Area. The product indeed lived up to the brand name of the matcha used-森半.
Lawson Uchi Cafe: Kyoto Uji Matcha Pudding
Unlike other pudding, this does not have any accompanying sauces. However, it is as good as its own as the matcha accent is strong and is just mildly sweetened. A really worthy to try pudding for it's price.

Bourbon Matcha Latte Chocolate Langue De Chats 
One-bite sized biscuit. But I wonder why the name contains "EX"......

sandwiched with matcha latte chocolate, this biscuit has a very sandy buttery texture and also a nice aroma. Langue de chats are difficult to go wrong with its quality. However, one might find this slightly too sweet.

Kitkat Chunky Uji Matcha Puff Version 
three big chunks of kitkat with "puffs" sandwiched in between. Tasted as expected even though it is marketed to be different in texture from it's usual wafer counterparts.


  1. Hi! May I know where you found these matcha products? I love matcha-flavoured snacks and they all look so good! =)

    1. Hi! Nice to meet you. These are from Japan, be it department stores or convenience stores.


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