Friday, April 27, 2012

抹茶の季節 IV:Season of Green IV

Patisserie Clover's Spring Product: Uji Matcha Tart
Matcha Paste, Orange-flavoured rare cheese mousse, Matcha Mousse, Sponge Base
Matcha with orange cheese is an interesting new combination but matches surprisingly well with each other. The matcha flavour is not too intense as I would have liked it to be but fortunately not lacking. However, this does not qualify as a tart because the base is not any crunchy sable biscuit but a thicker layer of almond sponge.
Yamazaki Regional Edition (Kyoto) Matcha Choco Sandwich
Fans of bread should be quite familiar with Yamazaki's Lunch Pack Series. Besides the usual series that are sold all over Japan, Yamazaki is actually no different from Nestle Kitkat or Collon in coming up with regional limited edition of their bread. This one represents the flavours of Kyoto. For Hokkaido, it is custard and fresh whipped cream.
Kyoto's famous Morihan's green tea is used in the cream but at only 1.4% of the cream. The bread is not simply just the usual white plain one but marbled with matcha. The inside is filled with a piece of chocolate matcha square and some matcha cream. The bread looks like this after it is warmed up in the oven, if not, the matcha cream will remain in solid form which makes it less delicious. The taste is average but it would be better if the filling is increased.
ミニハーベスト・宇治抹茶味 Tohato Mini Harvest Series : Matcha Flavour
The biscuit is spotted with bits of tea leaves, evident of not so much of the matcha taste but matcha fragrance that can be found in the biscuit layer when you bite into it. Additional crunch is contributed by the sugar coating of the biscuits but yet this does not make the biscuits too sweet. Very rich uji matcha cream is used here and hence this packet of matcha biscuits shine as one of the most enjoyable snack treat.
France Patisserie Bigot's Matcha Au Vert Dessert Mousse
Matcha Mousse, Azuki Bean Paste, Whole Azuki Beans, Fresh whipped cream and layers of crunchy feuilettine
This simple dessert mousse cup is made like a tiramisu by stacking one layer on top of each other repeatedly. Velvety mousse matched perfectly with the crunchy cornflake-like layer. One can't really complain but indulge in this spring creation produced by a French Patisserie. For those interested in Bigot, feel free to visit : They produced very good quality sable bretons and galettes.
抹茶ミルキー Fujiya Matcha Milk ( A Collaboration with Itoen)
Besides it's soft country ma'am cookies, here is another collaboration product with Itoen. However, because this is not only blended with milk but Hokkaido's condensed milk, this drink might be slightly too sweet for some people.  But at the same time, the attractive package makes one hard to resist trying this.

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