Friday, April 20, 2012

抹茶の季節: Season of Green II

This was purchased at an annual Tokyo Wagashi Exhibition 2012 that features all the famous old wagashi shops from all over Japan. This matcha flavour was actually sold in April 2010 and revived for this exhibition. It is no longer available.   
Very fragrant matcha cream with azuki red bean filling sandwiched between crisp baked caramelized puff pastries. This is already very tasty and can do without the red bean filling.
チェリオ 抹茶ホワイトチョコ 
Cheerio Matcha White chocolate (Uji Matcha used)
宇治抹茶を使用した抹茶アイスの中に、マイルドな味わいのホワイトチョコを入れ、パリパリとして香ばしいアーモンドを混ぜ込んだホワイトチョコでコーティングしたとのこと。What is interesting is that they actually inserted a rectangular slab of mild white chocolate in the matcha ice cream
Can you spot the slab of white chocolate in the centre of the matcha ice cream? the crunchy white chocolate almond coating gives it a nice contrasting texture. The matcha ice cream is fortunately not as sweet as the white chocolate slab and is considerably less milky than other matcha ice cream.
Classic Matcha Gateau from La Vie Douce
Rich baked matcha cake with fresh whipped cream and matcha sable cookie square
The chef has taken the classic french chocolate gateux to the next level by making it into a matcha version. Indeed a very dense and bitter cake that needs to be pair with the light cream. An extra treat to have the crunchy matcha sable to go with the cake. One can savour multiple textures in just this simple seasonal creation.
Yoku Moku Seasonal Matcha Millecrepe (available till 6th June 2012)
Another spectacular matcha pastry that contains the bitter and velvety matcha cream. Mille crepe is an all year available product by Yoku Moku but it has come up with the matcha version this Spring 2012. What is interesting is that soft black beans have been added on top of a base that is a sponge layer. Reminds me of the classic children tale "Thumbelina" in which some beans or similar sort is placed at the bottom of layers of mattresses. The mille crepe skin is also well executed as it is not too dry and thick. Poking one's fork through this creation can be a challenging one. Better clear it layer by layer.
Glico Uji Matcha Au Lait Chocolate Snack
While this was originally a matcha drink, Glico has gone a further step ahead and transformed it into a snack. However, the packaging still resembles a drink. 
A surprise to see that the cup is loaded with small matcha coated biscuits. They resembled green beans but of course tasted very different from the beans. Once one starts eating this, one just cannot stop. It is really that addictive. Also available in coffee version. Nonetheless, since Glico also produces Pocky biscuits, one can't help but wonder if this is just a twist of any matcha pocky that Glico has come up with in the past.

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