Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cedele Christmas Cake Feast 2014

From its classic Carrot cake to Middle Eastern inspired Sesame Tahini Cake, Cedele's organic cakes have always impressed with their light, delicate, exceptionally moist cake layers and this is no exception for Christmas log cakes. Blessed with a touch of zen, the Green Tea Yule Log ($8.50++) is such a wonderful and joyous thing to eat because of its unrivalled intense flavours and superbly fluffy green tea sponge. One bite simply tells it all-- a genuine matcha cake that in on par or even better than some in Japan.
The bonus lies in the smooth black sesame mousse, a much better match than red beans in my opinion.  I'm thankful to have found my BEST Matcha Roll Cake in Singapore.
Yuzu Pistachio logcake ($8.50++) is also another stunning creation where the nutty pistachio cream with plenty of grinded nuts are rolled in feathery light sponge and smeared with a tart citrusy cheese frosting. Organic unrefined sugar and grapeseed oil is used

Since it is now the festive season, we decided to try the all-day Christmas set menu which features a Grilled Turkey Bacon Roulade (or any other main course) + Christmas cake (or any chilled cakes) + coffee/tea at $35++. 
Filled with basil pesto and red pepper, the turkey was well-seasoned but too chewy for my liking. It didn't help that the bacon lacked the crisp as well. But the sides and condiments were unique and tasty. The strawberry cranberry chutney had some plump cooked-down strawberries which added some juicy bites while the orange mash turned out to be sweet Kumara (New Zealand Sweet Potatoes)!! Lovely!
Speaking of strawberries, we had the X'mas Strawberry Champagne Cheesecake, which enchanted me not with the posh wine taste but finely-textured salty chocolate cake base, so moist that oozes juices with the slightest pressure of the dessert spoon. It is dense enough to be satisfying, but not so rich that you have a problem finishing it.

Forget about the soggy anemic pastry base of this Pumpkin cake($5.50++) . Creamy, dense and comforting, the expertly baked pumpkin custard married just the right amount of spice to lure me away from the cheesecake.

It would be sacrilege not to mention the Pecan Pie ($6.50++)  here as this is one good pie that threw me of the hooks with some awesome tri-layer concoction. Not sure if black treacle is used but every forkful yielded deep molasses flavor from the black eggy curd, the best part of the pie that made me forgive the stodgy pastry crust. If you do not mind too much chopped nuts, this would be up the alleys. 
Though PODI and Cedele belongs to the same company, I find that Cedele's cakes/pastries are of higher and more consistent quality. I was so happy with the cakes that I took away a Pandan Coconut cupcake home! Other festive treats include a decadent Black Forest Cheesecake, Blueberry Minced Pies and an interesting Christmas Brown Bread made with Gula Melaka and raisins.

A return visit to chronicle more delicious food here is my new year resolution.

Cedele Singapore
All-day dine in Xmas menu at Great World City, Paragon, Wheelock Place and Raffles Place outlet
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