Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kagari Ginza 銀座 篝 : Excellent Tori-Paitan Ramen

While Tonkotsu ramen seems to be reigning overseas, chicken-broth ramen is running hot in Tokyo. Opened only March 2013, Kagari has attracted crowds for its tori-paitan chuka soba

You might steer away from the idea of squeezing with other diners in a small area that sits only 8 people at any one time but it was a cool area with jazz and classic music playing in the background. My visit was during summer at breakrecord 36 degrees Celsius but I did not feel stuffy or sweaty at all. 

All the noodles here are classified as "Chuka Soba" (chinese-style noodles) but they are not soba but thin yellow ramen with a nice bite. The basic and most popular Tori-Paitan Soba (¥880) does not include Ajitama (¥100) but there are slices of tender chicken and sparse greens
This is my first time having chicken-based broth and I actually enjoyed it more than Tonkotsu broth because it was less saturated and greasy, close to a creamy chicken soup. Everyone was busy slurping their own bowl of ramen and those who came in pairs were whispering how delicious the ramen was to their partners. 
Though I still suffered from the usual post-ramen syndrome (thirst), I did not regret to queue up for this ramen. A bowl that truly lived up to its name. 

 Kagari Ginza 銀座 篝
(Very very hidden, the clue is the snaking queue, good luck finding!)
Chuo-ku Ginza 4-4-1  
Ginza A Building 1F

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  1. I've always wanted to go, but now that it's winter the constant queues won't deter me.
    Those pics tho!


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