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セバスチャン・ブイエ Sébastien Bouillet

Sébastien Bouillet is another established French patissier who have opened at least 3 outlets in Tokyo since 2007.
One characteristic feature of his creations is that they look absolutely fantastic. The taste is undoubtedly sweeter than the usual pastries but one can tell that sosphisticated equipment and skills are required in order to produce such high quality products.

 The last christmas was spent with this mushroom chocolate egg gateau. I could remember that it is chocolate egg shell filled with vanilla mousse, sponge and the bottom (the field) was a crunchy delight. It consists of all the textures which you can imagine and Chef Sebastien definitely lives up to his famous name. The milk chocolate mousse was rich but that was all that I want for my winter christmas.
Crack the chocolate egg and enjoy it like you are still a child !

Saint Caramel
It is not surprising that many of the pastries changed very frequently and not necessarily according to seasons like most people would have argued. One of my all-time favourite from Chef Sebastien is Saint Caramel, or simply, the caramel version of the French classic St Honore.

Constructed by caramel-cream filled choux puffs, on top of a very well baked and crumbly caramel tart, piped with chantily cream and garnished with caramelized almond nuts. A great crowd pleaser for a caramel addict like me!

Saint Framboise Huille D'Olive (Seasonal)
If you do not like caramel, why not try this Summer raspberry version? However, do not be tricked by its looks, as this is actually made with framboise and olive oil.
Yes, olive oil in a sweet pastry. This was what drove me to purchase this. Framboise Jam filled choux cream puffs that has been scented with olive oil, loaded with vanilla fresh cream, sitted on top of a tart shell filled with olive oil custard cream and framboise jam. 
The olive oil taste is very obvious, especially in the yellow custard layer of the tart.
What would Adam & Eve say if they see this Green Apple?
Pomme Vert (Limited)
Coated with a Green Apple Glacage, Green Apple Chocolate Ball filled with Green Apple and Coconut Mousse, Tangy Green Apple compote centre, Floorless Chocolate Cake Base.
Another Caramel Blast : Santos
vanilla mousse, centred with a caramel cream, a layer of crunchy pecan nuts and a base of pain de genes. coated with a layer of caramel glacage.
Cross section ( the real photo is rather messy)
 Pain de Genes is actually a traditional French almond cake made with of course almond flour and almonds.
If you like Magnum ice cream, do go for this Pineapple & Coconut Magnum
Don't mistake this for a cake pop as this is not the typical dense butter cake poked with a wooden stick. And what is great is that it is a DECONSTRUCTED MACARON with NO butter/sponge cake at all.

 Starting from the most inner component, it is a pineapple chocolate ganache, sandwiched between 2 macaron shells, wrapped with coconut mousse and lastly coated with an outer white chocolate layer. It sits on top of a crumbly biscuit base (sable breton) and this contrasting textures suits my preference.

Speaking of Macarons, what could be better than some Japanese style macarons that are marketed to be "healthy". The flavours are very unique and I am quite confident that they have not been sold in other places in Japan as well in Singapore.
Shio-Kouji infused Caramel Cream, Camomille Tea with Apple Compote, Kuko (our Chinese wolfberry枸杞), Black Vinegar Chocolate Ganache, Pineapple Cream and confiture, Rose Hip Cream with Fraise Confiture.
These were offered only for about 3 weeks, but you still can savour his signature macarons, with a new flavour up each month. For instance, the one in Oct' 2011 was the matcha lime. There was a tomato one too.

Nougat Almond Mousse, centred with a biscuit macaron + apricot cream and a macaron base
Although his main shop is located in Lyon, his delicious creations are available at Shinjuku (Isetan B2), Ikebukuro (Seibu Department ) and Shibuya ( Shin Hikarie). Do try the St Honore with that tart shell which never disappoints. His latest shop is in Shin Hikarie, Shibuya. Although the name of the shop is different there, you can distinctly identify his products as they usually mimic some characters or are very visually appealing.
Sébastien Bouillet
東京都新宿区 新宿3-14-1 伊勢丹新宿店B1F
池袋西武 B1 A3

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