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漁 Yú Cuisine : Eat When You Are Feeling Blue

I have always walked past this blue restaurant but never had a chance to enter. After hearing some positive reviews of this place, we decided to try out the dim sum which is available daily from 11am to 5.30pm. The best thing is that they are having a promotion of 30% of all dimsum items (but take note this applies after 3pm on Sat/Sun/PH)

They have a one page autumn/winter dimsum menu. I like the idea that they changed their dimsum menu every season. Even though some may find the choices rather limited, but well there is still the ala carte lunch/dinner menu which has many tempting offerings.
Crispy Fried Salmon Skin ( I thought it was free appetisers though)
Super crispy salmon skin that is not greasy at all. One of the best salmon skin so far.

Honey Roasted walnuts and cashew nuts with white sesame (2nd appetiser)
Another nice change to our usual salted peanuts. But wish they had not been charged.

Must Try-Signature chilli crab tart.
Don't be deceive by the looks. The spicy warm Singapore chilli crab filling just flows once you take a bite.

The tart shell is crispy but not oily and there is no trace of any sogginess.

Trio Eggs Rabbit dumpling
A savoury dish filled with century egg and some mixed vegetables.

                     The skin is too thick. Even though it may be cute looking, this is not worth ordering.

 Steam spare ribs and glass noodle basket.
                                 Traditional chicken feet in BBQ sauce.

                         Shredded roast duck sesame pastry A dark horse of the day.
Spicy duck meat filling with crispy Chinese pastry skin. The skin has many layers but not oily.
A good alternative to our usual char siew puff or char siew bao( they are on the menu too)

Roasted Pork Belly
Highly recommended as every single piece is consistently crispy

Mango with prawns black sesame roll
Crispy deep fried prawn drizzled with some green mayonnaise that is definitely not wasabi mayo.

 Dinosaur rice roll that is drizzled with some special sauce with spring onions 恐龙肠粉

As highly recommended by other bloggers, this one is indeed another star by its huge dinosaur size.
Good value for $$.
The interior consists of deep fried fritter and turnips.
Do not shy away from ordering this even though it is deep fried as they are not greasy at all. The different textures of this dish paired with the sauce makes it taste heavenly.

Exclusive imperial yam cakeDon't understand which part is "exclusive" and "imperial". To me, it's a simple steamed, panfried on the surface, yam cake with yummy sauce of toppings like mushrooms, char Siew and dried prawns:)
Worth ordering as it is less starchy than the usual kind.

Shanghai dumpling in lobster broth (ala carte)
Highly recommended because the big sized xiao long bao is really juicy. Chunks of lobster meat can be found. The soup emits wine fragrance, looks like lobster bisque but is actually tastes more like the lobster version of milky fish soup.
Kailan and chilled cherry tomatoes on ice (ala carte menu)Like the innovative presentation.
The Lan Mei sauce that the cherry tomatoes are covered in makes this small tiny fruit shines. Eat it in one bite and let the fresh sweetness burst into your mouth.
Kailan is to be dipped into the wasabi soy sauce and unexpectedly this way actually brings out a natural sweetness and crunchiness of Kailan that I have never noticed
 Beancurd skin roll over the bridge
过桥腐皮卷This deep fried beancurd skin with large chunks of prawn is to be dipped into the bowl of soup that I supposed should be the soup for the 过桥Mee Xian. Rather average dish
Signature golden lava custard bun

The size is not small and the salted egg yolk filling just ooze up without stopping. A Must Try!!

Egg Tart- My all time favourite :)

Hot grass jelly broth
Signature dessert that will turn into solid as it cools.

This warm dessert with red beans and mini nata de coco is really highly recommended and I actually prefer this liquid version than chewy solid.

                                                                         Herbal jelly

Mango cream jelly with fresh mangoes. 

Overall, this is a good place to return for its ala carte dishes like  Hong Kong Aberdeen Chilli Crab and dim sum. One great thing is that all the food served are really hot and fresh. Presentation might not be fantastic but the taste can draw you back.
漁 Yú Cuisine
B1-08 (Galleria Level) & L1-82 (Bay Level)
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Daily: 11am to 11pm (Last order 10.30pm)
Dim Sum: 11am to 5:30pm

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