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Claypotfun 顾名思义,就是卖大家从小吃到大的砂煲饭。这里的食物走的是广东路线,不只有砂煲饭,还有粥、热炒猪肝。去年推出的早餐还包括肠粉及港式点心。I'm sure some people might have heard about it or even tried the food here as it was featured on various media before. Claypotfun is actually a restaurant under Jumbo Group of Restaurants, Palm Beach Seafood and Seafood International. It brings you  back to the 1960s when you stepped into the restaurant as its interior settings recreate this sort of vintage feel.
Signature Dish: Claypot Rice with Preserved Chinese Sausages ($17.80) 
The price is of course, a lot more expensive than the $3/4/5 claypot rice in hawker centres. This can be shared between 2 or feed 1 hungry cow. According to various sources, the various ingredients are tossed into the half-cooked rice to let the flavours meld with the rice. 
Here, they do not advocate us to eat with the thick sweet dark soya sauce but instead a bottle of their special made light soya sauce is placed on each table and diners add according to their preference. They also suggested the various ways of enjoying the pot of rice.  
the verdict is that the rice is indeed quite firm as the Cantonese traditional style stipulates the rice to be soaked for 30min and then left dry. the taste is not lacking even though light soya sauce is used instead of dark soy sauce. However, one thing lacking is that there is no strong claypot rice smell when the claypot lid is lifted. The dish lacked the fragrance as compared to previous claypot rice I had at hawker centres and I find it a little dry even though there is plenty of ingredients like the chicken drumsticks. 
Perhaps one good thing is that this version is less oily and one need not feel too guilty scraping the charred rice at the bottom as the rice are not that overburnt or "cao da".
Cantonese style fish congee (i added salted egg and century egg so it becomes $5.50 instead of $4.50)
The porridge is just of the right consistency and well seasoned. Nothing particularly wrong about this dish but I wish they can be more generous with the number of fish slices.
Fermented Cabbage 菜心炒腐乳酱 $7
I did not expect this to be served in a claypot as well. The cabbage is crunchy and one has to mix well with the fermented tofu sauce found at the base. It seems that this dish is a little too simplified as there is no other garnishes and appeared more to be a pot of hot salad with dipping sauce. The portion of cabbage can be increased as there was a shallow pool of sauce left at the base in the end. 
Dessert: 雪蛤 (Cold/Hot) to balance the heatiness of the claypot rice
As the claypot rice is made on order, one must be prepared to wait for at least 15min during peak hours. Although the claypot rice is quite average, I am interested to return for their hongkong dimsum.
902 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 

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