Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Seng Yan Charcoal Traditional Toast @ Sin Ming Road : 传统炭烤面包 MUST TRY

Ya Kun, Wangz Toast, Good Morning Nanyang. These are probably familiar names for your kopi and roti fix. Few would have heard of Seng Yan Charcoal Traditional Toast @ Sin Ming Road. It's been around since the times when my maternal grandparents started their tailor shop and my parents started their stone shop in the old Lakeview shophouses at Upp Thomson Road. That place was where my aunts, mother and I grew up in and also where Seng Yan used to be located.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Matchaya @ The Cathay : New Outlet with Expanded Dessert Menu

I used to lament at the shortage of authentic and quality Japanese dessert places in Singapore. Hoshino? Maccha House? Nana? Well, even though they originate from Japan, the standards belonged to the average cafe quality and nothing much outstanding.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bossi Ban Mian @ Serangoon Gardens

Discovered a relatively new Ban Mian stall at Serangoon Gardens recently and I learnt later that this is run by a young hawker. There are 5 options (dry/soup) and the most expensive one does not hit more than $5.50 for the prawn ban mian.

Since customers are allowed to change their noodles, we chose Ee-mian for the soup and the combination, to us, was better than having ban Mee soup. Ikan billis is served separately in a small dish to retain its crispness.

I had most of the dry Ban Mian ($4), served in a pretty special blend of dark soy sauce that stood out from the usual dry noodles. The noodles were slightly firmer than Mee Pok with nice chewy bites. The sweet-savory taste was strong and I was pleasantly surprised to see chye por (dried radish) in the bowl. Even the minced meat are well-marinated into a dark reddish brown with a delectably dry crispness to them. That said, I was expecting sunny-side egg as shown on the menu but it was a semi-boiled egg served in the side bowl of soup. Nonetheless, it is still quite different from the usual ban mian we have elsewhere and I think it is one of the stalls worth trying if you are in Serangoon gardens market.

Bossi Ban Mian
49A Serangoon Garden Way 01-18
Thurs-Mon 9am-9pm
Tues 9am-3pm
Closed on Wed

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Lime Restaurant @ PARKROYAL on Pickering : New Afternoon Tea Menu with Local Twist

Lime Restaurant at PARKROYAL on Pickering has recently revamped its "Tiers of Joy" afternoon tea menu which interweaves more local flavors into the bite-sized selection. Out goes the classic sandwiches and in comes interesting fusion items include the Expression of Nasi Lemak, a ball of coconut rice coated in crushed peanuts with a dab of sambal Chilli at the base. It tasted almost like having nasi lemak except that the grains were rather dry and crumbly. The Peking Duck Duxelles Profiteroles were mildly sweet fillings of tender duck meat in a choux shell. 
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