OYOGE TOKYO : Taiyaki with a Fishy Twist

I have a weakness for taiyaki and I was stoked to find this shop that sells taiyaki with a fishy twist. The taiyaki comes in 3 different forms: iwashi (sardines) in red bean-cream cheese flavor, aji (horse mackerel) in seasonal flavor and asari (clam) in rum butter sweet potato.
Spotted an azuki-butter flavor on the poster and immediately ordered that cos the love for azuki-butter to Japanese is just like kaya-butter to Singaporeans. The pancake batter is not too sweet, grilled to a nice golden brown. And the filling, oh-so-rich but yummy 😋 one costs about ¥360 which is so reasonable for the portion.
Have extra stomach space? Get the asari. The sweet potato filling is so creamy with a light kick of rum. 

Address: 東京都港区六本木7-13-10 TOMASビル1階102号室
Roppongi 7-13-10 TOMAS Building 1F 102
Open daily 10:30〜23:00
Nearest station: Roppongi