HOLA! MEXICO: Mexican Cuisine in Orchard

When it comes to Mexican food, it's usually burritos, nachos, and tacos for me and the visit to HOLA Mexico broadened my understanding of Mexican food. 
One of the mains we tried was Tex-Mex in a Bowl - Lamb Fajita ($24++). The term Tex-Mex stands for Texan and Mexican, and describes a type of popular cuisine which is a blend of Mexican, Spanish and American cuisine. It's a bit like the burrito bowl from those fast food shops with Romaine lettuce, grilled peppers, onions, corns, beans, salsa, roasted chilli, avocado, tomatos, mexican rice, and choice of meat. Very hearty and full of flavors. 
The other we had was El Norte Fajitas - Chicken ($24++). A Fajitas is any stripped grilled meat with stripped peppers and onions that is usually served on a tortilla. Yes, all those you see are not fries but well marinated chicken sticks, definitely a pick for meat lovers. The flour tortilla goes well with Guacamole and red salsa provided at the side.
Overall the food is good and suitable for those who wanna try out even more different Mexican food or alchoholic drinks. Prices are not cheap but if you happen to have the Entertainer app, it would be more affordable. 

21 Cuppage Road, Cuppage Terrace, 229452