A-Roy Thai Restaurant: Super Spicy and Shiok Tom Yum (Novena Velocity)

Another restaurant found through Google Maps review when visiting Novena area, and we've got to say that we were not disappointed. Everything from the servers to the Thai-inspired decor seemed to suggest some authenticity in the food here.

Tord Man Pla ($3.90++ per piece) was surprisingly good. The Thai fish cake is freshly fried  and piping hot. It's tasty on its own without the side dipping sauce. 
The Chips ($1++, we only found out after we paid) behind was automatically served when you sit down. To be honest it was quite shiok when you dip with the green chilli sauce and we ended finishing all despite we usually don't eat too much fried snacks. Tom Yum Talay ($15.90++) is the clear soup type Seafood Tom Yum. This is definitely one of the most spiciest ones we had in Singapore. Be warned
Pad Kee Maw ($9.90++) is beef (other choices available) stir fried kway teow with chili, basil leaves and some slice of vegetables. It tasted a bit like Chinese fried style with oyster sauce but a much spicier version. Not bad but it is not something we will have again. 
Overall, food is authentic but not cheap. If you are a spicy-lover, you shouldn't miss out this one.

A-Roy Thai Restaurant
238 Thomson Road #03-61/63 Novena Square (Velocity), Singapore 307683