Gaston Luga : Classic Mini Bag For Travel or Daily Use

Looking for the ideal light and compact bag for traveling? Check out the classic mini bag by Gaston Luga that comes in the perfect size to fit the essential items u need. 

Being neither bulky nor heavy, it comes with a customizable FREE ADDITIONAL flap top and passport pocket at the back of the backpack to store your cards, cash or passports. 

As in every bag, there is the pros and cons depending on your needs. The pro is its compact size that makes it exceptionally convenient and fuss free if you only have minimal things to carry. It fits just nicely when I put in a mineral bottle, wallet, passport and mini umbrella. Chances of squeezing yourself onto a crowded train is also higher with such a small baggage. 

However, fitting in a laptop or big camera would be impossible. For that, you may want to consider the regular classic Gaston Luga bag shared here. 

In addition, being water-resistant means that you may get wet in a rainy day but your bag won’t. It also means any items placed inside your bag will be safe from the rain as well. 
It is priced at $199. BUT you can quote “dairyandcream15” to enjoy 15% off price after 20% off tax rebate + Free shipping (fedex/dhl)

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