Mensho : Best Duck Rice Ever

Kamo Gohan aka Duck Rice, the Japanese Way.

Kamo gohan is a dish which could be easily overlook if you didn’t do your homework before you come. But for those who have visited here numerous times aka 老饕, they will order this together with the Shio ramen that clinched the No. 1 Must Try Ramen of the Shio category run by #Tokyoramenoftheyear  

Unveil the Nori coating and I discovered not plain white rice but glistening brown pearl grains that’s been seasoned and mixed with chunks of flavorful duck, much to my surprise.

The seaweed added a layer of unami to the dish and the squirt contained yuzu orange dish that brightened the dish with fruity but non-sourish notes. I truly enjoyed every morsel, trying to come to terms with the fact that this ultra-delicious dish only cost ¥250. Pardon me for being brutally honest but this is way better than the Chinese duck rice.

Just like most ramen ya, Mensho gives customers the option of adding on Aji-tama. But as I dug in midway, I noticed that the vending machine not only has this option but also Saikyo Miso Eggs. The most noticeable different is the color of the eggs which is white and not dark brown. But it didn’t pale in comparison in taste. In fact, I love this more than the usual Ajitsuke Tamago. It seemed to me that the miso had totally ignore the egg whites and went straight to become good friends with the egg yolk as the gooey core was superbly yummy but not overly salty.

There’s also tori-gohan aka chicken rice. Maybe I should be like the guy sitting next to me, ordering both the Shio Ramen and Tori gohan on my next visit. 

Nearest Station : Gokokuji
Closed on Mon/Tues