Cafe Pocher : My Tamago Surprise!

Opened only in Dec 2017, Cafe Pocher isn’t those prominent hipster cafes that are located in the city region but it is fortunately not too far from Kyoto Station—approximately 15min walk. It is part of a guesthouse-cafe concept produced by a Kyoto magazine. 

I didn’t have time for it’s most popular item, a  racelette cheese hotdog sandwich that looked sinfully delicious. But I discovered something that would suit my budget and taste. Dashimaki sandwich! It is one of the four flavours that is available for takeaway. I learnt from the staff that these prepacked sandwiches are highly popular on weekdays as breakfast for the working community. These are sold starting from 8.30am and may run out by 10am occasionally. 
So I “dabao” one even though I was doubtful whether it will taste good given the fact that it wasn’t prepared fresh but packed into a brown paper bag right from the fridge. “No reheating or microwaving is needed” answered the staff upon my further enquiry on whether I should reheat ( I always do that if possible as I love my bread hot and toasty). 
Little did I expect myself to be wowed by such a humble sandwich (¥360) an hour later on my Shinkansen ride. The purple pickled vegetables from Tsukemono specialist Isoism (Kyoto is also famous for its Tsukemono aka pickles) were sour and salty but the presence did not overwhelm the juicy egg omelette which was minimally sweet. Even though the buns were kept chilled, they were still fluffy and not dry. 

The pairing of pickled vegetables and eggs in a bun was such a brilliant and unique idea that I will never forget this moment in my life. 

Breezing through the countryside in a Shinkansen and gleefully munching on a delicious find.

Cafe Pocher 
Daily 8.30am-9pm
89-1, Harikoji-cho, Nishikujo, Minami-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto, 601-8422, JAPAN.
〒601-8422 京都市南区西九条針小路町89-1