Menya Gachi @ Shinjuku 2-Chome : Super SHIOK Abura Soba

One word, Shiok. Or maybe make it two then, Super Shiok. 

These were my feelings as I ravaged heartily through my bowl of abura soba ramen, accompanied with the free-flow of "sambal chilli" and other condiments like garlic chips, chilli powder, fried noodles chips, etc. Menya Gachi is one of the six concept house by Mensho, a trendy ramen group with a cool website that details the menu and latest updates of each shop. 

Menya Gachi offers several kinds of abura soba and I had the Kamatama Abura Soba (¥890) which came with a raw egg yolk, konbu flakes, spring onions and pork belly which were incredulously tasty and flavorful. I'm guessing that the pork could have been braised for long before being burnished slightly as the fats and meat have all fused as one. 

But what caught me fancy was the thick burly noodles that are coated with the delicious sauce and egg yolk goo when you mixed everything well. It was already hard to resist but the tasty levels raised by leaps I added in the condiment that looked like sambal chilli-lookalike. So fragrant and it resembled a good bowl of Chili pan Mee but slightly wetter and only mildly fiery. I soon realized that the flavored egg I'd added was optional as I was too busy enjoying everything well. 

I wondered why it got me so late to visit this shop even though I've learnt about this place many years ago. So much better than having tsukemen and ramen (I mean the soupy kinds). 

A return is a MUST.
住所:〒162-0065 東京都新宿区住吉町7-10曙企画ビル1階
Tokyo 162-0065 Sumiyoshicho 7-10
Access: Toei Shinjuku Line Akebonobashi Station Exit A2 (Turn left and walk straight, cross the road to the right side of the street. Approx 1.min)
Mon-Sat 11am-3pm, 5pm-10pm 
Closed on Sundays