Antoinette 2016 New Cake Collection and Salted Egg Yolk Lava Mooncakes

Chestnuts, rose, berries and sea salt caramel.....

These might not link closely with each other but they are the flavors of Antoinette's latest collection that breathes a new life into classic French pastries. These predominantly mousse-based cakes are  very light, fruity and delicate, without failing to pay attention to the slightest aesthetics details. It was an exhilarating journey to savor all of them in one sitting but I couldn't pen down my thoughts immediately them as I wanted a longer to time to reflect and sort out the feelings. 

After all, taste and preferences are always highly subjective matters. The cake that lingered in my mind till today was Marionette ($9.50), a French chestnut Chantilly perfumed with dark rum for a mature yet mystical allure. 

It isn't glaringly sweet, but not short of chestnut intensity and the citrusy contrast from the orange confit. The combined strength relegated the black sugar crumbles into a role on texture rather than flavor, but yet without it this Marionette would be less complete. 
Superlova ($10) rose petal mousse, rose petal crumble, rose finger sponge, Yuzu cream raspberry jelly, lychee, rose coral sponge, rose coral meringue, raspberry caviar, rose macaron, raspberry crumble 

I've never tasted the predecessors of the Superlova but I must confessed this is the best rose-lychee creation I've had so far. Despite the numerous components, they gelled seamlessly together into a pleasantly creamy delight with light floral notes. The rose flavor is neither overpowering nor elusive, just at the right level that would lift moods up and strike a perfect landing with the refreshing Yuzu and tangy raspberry. Very few chefs have achieved this feat and this is truly one beloved rose cake to treasure. 

Charlotte III ($9) strawberry mousse, forest berry jelly, chiffon cake, white chocolate vanilla cream

Juxtaposed against the Superlova shone too brightly like a superstar, the Charlotte III is like your girl next door that is shy, demure and soft-spoken. It's a simple celebration of vanilla and strawberry with forest berry jelly and white chocolate. You won't fall in love at first taste but neither would you hate it to the core. But it has that mass appeal that makes it an ideal choice for a party pleaser.

Adding fleur de sel to caramel is a guaranteed way to seduce any chocolate lovers and this Brittany ($9.50), a chocolate chantily- caramel mousse cake is no exception. Then there's the crunchy almond feuilettine beneath everything that wins it all. That said, it is not too difficult to find a similar cake like this and it does little to showcase the true potential of the chef. And the fact that this costs at least $10 after gst and taxes, the magical appeal might just vanish......

The Terrarium ($20) is THE most artfully constructed piece I've ever eaten and I'm glad it made a comeback this summer. Dark chocolate mousse, passionfruit parfait, caramelized banana flambe.....all packaged tastefully beneath a garden of mushrooms, butterflies, pebbles and flora. 

I didn't notice the smoked almond nougatine though and this probably is a sign for me to try it again. While this cake is good for sharing between 4-6 pax, I would imagine getting one for myself, jamming my face into the chocolate bowl before I wallow at the memory of it.  
Riding on the trend of all things salted egg yolk and lava are Chef Pang's exquisite truffle-centred snow skin mooncakes that oozed its own charm be it served warm or chilled. Available in three different flavors-Matcha Chestnut, Dark Chocolate-Almond Orange Nougatine and Salted Egg Yolk in Charcoal Snowskin, these new creations are sold in an assorted box of 8 ($54) together with all-time favourites Osmanthus Marble with Goji Berry and Dark Chocolate Lotus Paste in Crunchy Pearls. 
The interplay of the luscious soft skin, molten salted egg yolk Creme and sweet lotus paste was otherworldly--my favourite out of the 3. With enough people clamoring for these unique creations, I hope they'll make a comeback next year. 

Mooncakes are available from 1st August
Early bird rates at 20% off are available for orders made before 27th August.
Corporate discounts are available at 25% off for orders between 50-100 boxes and 30% off for orders above 100 boxes.

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