M. Koide : No. 1 Patisserie on Tabelog Sweets Ranking 2016

My tastebuds still don't understand why the cakes from M.Koide are rated the best in Tokyo (and most likely Japan). Not because they taste bad--in fact they are excellent--just that I can't perceive any eminent qualities in them. 

Patisserie M.Koide topped the Tabelog Sweets Ranking 2016, usurping the throne of Patisserie A Tes Souhaits. But the most amazing thing is that the shop, barely larger than a living room, is camouflaged perfectly in one of the quietest corner in Jiyugaoka. Even with the travellers' best friend GPS, you may still find yourself walking in rounds like a clueless housefly. 

There was no queue at all, but you could tell the popularity of the cakes as several items had been set aside (meaning somebody had reserved them). The price isn't very welcoming indeed, with the most affordable Foret Noire at ¥600 in a diminished size. Like Higemi Sugino and Occitanial, these cakes are predominantly mousse-based and the staff "strongly" advocates customers to takeaway ONLY if the trip takes less than 30min (of course, I had to lie that I was going to consume it immediately, like right outside the shop). 

While the Mousse au Chocolat Blanc (top pic) was expectedly very milky and sweet, the white chocolate flavor were not overtly glaring as it was counter checked by a tangy cassis mousse. You may dismiss it as just another typical mousse cake but wait till you give it a shot. There's a kind of unexplainable strength, an invisible force in the silky and light layers. This is what I have not encountered before. 
It seemed like the chef takes a very cautious, measured approach to his cakes as the Caramel Opera is a very prim and proper cake that weaved the sweet caramel mousse and bitter dark chocolate seamlessly together. The buttercream melts graciously on the tongue without any trace of grease. The level of sweetness versus bitterness--it all came together perfectly, or perhaps too perfect that it sent shivers down my spine.  
The caramel opera seemed too far-fetch for me, something which I can only lust in my dream chambers. My favourite was something closer to my heart, Noisette. It's a 6-layer hazelnut chocolate composition that summoned one's consciousness to the milky reality. There was a resolute-sounding snap as I forked my way through the smooth dark glaze right down to the moist earthy cushion. A cake of chocolate envy. 

Everything was just so right. And if I could point out one flaw, it's the feeling that the cakes are too serious. 

I need some fun. 

エムコイデ (m.koide)
1F Rose Court Jiyugaoka, Okusawa 6-32-9, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 
東京都世田谷区奥沢6-32-9 ローズコート自由が丘1F
Wed-Fri 11am-8pm (PH : from 12pm~), 
Sat 12pm-8pm /Sun 12pm-7pm
Close on Mon & Tues