CONANA Wa Pasta and Cafe : It's Conana, not Coconut!

It was a boring lazy summertime back in late June/July last year. It was less than one month before I returned to Singapore to become a real shakaijin 社会人 or you can say, a corporate worker. Having been on the hunt for some black sesame sweets, I discovered that there was a black pudding parfait from a wa-cafe called Conana which was conveniently located in Shinjuku Lumine Est.
Although I was honestly more attracted to their colorful wafu 和風 pastas than desserts, I devoted my limited stomach capacity to their sweets. Much to my disappointment, the parfait turned out to be a smooth pudding served with rich black sesame sauce and some sesame crisps. The size was also smaller than expected, which elicit no further excitement than an average custard pudding from the convenience store.
However, I chomped down an entire fluffy bowl of kakigori in a matter of time. The ice flakes were fine and delicate, melding together with the eye-catchy purple sweet potato syrup and Hokkaido red bean(820 yen) to make a not-too-sweet summer treat.  Besides this, there were also Wasabon Kuromitsu Kinako, Mango Yoghurt and the most popular Framboise Condensed Milk 
Apparently the online menu had not been updated (even until now!) as the waffles and pancakes were nowhere in sight on the printed menu. This was not a bad thing as they replaced with something better--ICE CREAM CROISSANT DONUT!!!
Yes, the ultimate diet-buster that would leave anyone in absolute awe! How could anyone have conceive such a wicked idea? Not a deep-fried croissant, but one that is shaped like a donut and served hot from the oven, with a huge ball of matcha ice cream and luscious sweet potato cream (750 yen). 
After being taken aback with the magnificence of this dessert, I caved into my cravings and had the caramel chocolate version (730 yen). The croissant was still warm, buttery and flaky but this wasn't as thrilling as the first version. 
Nonetheless, I returned to conquer more or perhaps, the one that I've been eyeing all along--Matcha with Azuki and Warabi Mochi (700 yen). Upon slicing into half, the vanilla cream oozed out and spilled into a delicious mess. A deceptively combination that would propel anyone into the happiest state by not heaping on any unnecessary sweetness.

Why queue for stacks of pancakes, pop corns or or cupcakes in Omotesando when you can indulge in this hot-cold dessert in a relaxing cafe? 

Wa Pasta & Cafe CONANA こなな
Shinjuku Lumine EST outlet
Lumine Est 8F
3-38-1 Shinjuku
Daily 11am-11pm
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