Garden Picks SG : Tasty Soy Crisps and Gourmet Nuts

Snacking can be a healthy affair if we picked the right type of snack at the right amount. Instead of grabbing for potato chips, why not try the all-new soy crisps from Garden Picks? 
Available in four assorted flavours, I first tried the lighter coloured Honey Mustard, which had a smoky allure, though a tad salty for me. The Sweet Lime Chilli takes on a bright red coating but it is not too fiery, with a refreshing acidity from the lime juice powder. But I knew straightaway both soy crisps are good when I could not stop eating it. So I am glad they come in friendly zip-lock bags to prolong its freshness for other days.  
But there is more than just soy crisps at Garden Picks, the leading online retailer for good quality dried fruits and nuts. Its clients include corporate customers, government ministries, schools and hotels in Singapore. 

You can find assorted dried fruits and nuts ranging from wolfberries, dried cranberriesdried kiwis and natural USA walnuts. They work great as your granola ingredients or simply on its own as healthy snacks that will fuel your busy working days. 
Though I understand a need to be health-conscious, sometimes plain nuts can be a little too boring and thus I was delighted to find a good range of Gourmet Nuts including French Vanilla Almond and Wasabi Green Peas

The Salted Caramel Nuts and Manuka Honey Cashews tick all the right boxes for me as they are crunchy and hold the perfect sweetness in the thin sugary coating. I plated them using the colourful RICE kitchenware which is also available at Motherworks Singapore
In fact, there is no limit to how you want to enjoy the nuts and dried fruits. You can use the dried blueberries to make some Blueberry and Cream Cookies or nutty Florentine bars like what I did! 

But one fact remained unchanged--they are dangerously moreish no matter what form they take! 

Standard packs are sold at 3 for $10
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