Density : First-Ever Frozen Custard Dessert Store in Singapore

Something NEW? Yes! Check out this frozen novelty treat (a 100-year-old traditional super-premium ice-cream from the U.S.A.) now available at Density Frozen Custard Store, situated right beside the famous Rochor tau huay. Density is operated by a Singaporean brother-sister team – J.R. Wong and younger sister, Sherlyn Wong. Taking pride in serving the freshest ice-cream possible, the siblings have invested in a made on-site system, enabling the smoothest and freshest ice-cream to be served daily.

In case you haven’t tasted frozen custard before, it is like a premium form of ice-cream but made with eggs, cream and sugar. To qualify as frozen custard, it must contain at least 1.4% of egg yolk - the nutritious egg yolk is a natural stabiliser, used in place of gelatin and other artificial stabilisers, to support the structure and maintain the shape of the ice-cream. Frozen Custard also contains less air content (since it is churned fresh on-site with a continuous freezer instead of the batch freezer used for other ice-creams such as gelatos) so as to achieve a velvety texture and tastes denser than usual ice-cream.
It is also essentially a healthier dessert choice since it contains lesser sugar (in fact half the amount of sugar of regular frozen yoghurt) with the natural sweetness that comes from natural ingredients used such as premium fresh milk and egg yolks.

As it is made at a slightly higher temperature (-12 deg C) than conventional ice cream (around -18 deg C), so act fast before it melts instagrammers (unless you order the sorbet)! That said, its temperature and absence of ice crystals allows you to enjoy frozen goodness without numbing your tongue!
A pretty bold and passionate challenger in the already saturated cold desserts scene I must say, with huge emphasis on quality over quantity. Just like fine dining where the chef decides, Density focuses on serving only three inventive flavours of its frozen custard selected each day.

We have tried all 3 flavors of the day during our visit: Sundae with 2 creamy flavors Madagascar Vanilla Bean (Using only gourmet-quality vanilla beans sourced directly from Madagascar) and Cookie Butter Cheesecake garnished with matcha granola and oreo cookie crumbs toppings; as well as Yuzu Sorbet (topped with berries). We sampled a mouthful of matcha green tea as well. :D

Verdict: Dense, intense and velvety.
We like the yuzu sorbet best which is refreshingly zesty and sweet without a slight tinge of bitterness. It’s so good on its own that we can fervently believe we can still enjoy without addition of the toppings.
While Density offers an extensive array of toppings like berries, cookie crumbs, nuts, cereals and sauces, we do enjoy this classic product with no frills at all!

Prices were $4 for single scoop, $7 for double, $9.50 for triple, and $9 for a two scoop sundae with 2 toppings and sauce.

The 'School's Out' Holiday Promotion: All students will be accorded a 15% discount (from the original 10% discount) for the whole month of June 2015 when they produce their student ID. 
4 Short Street Singapore 188212
12pm-1am daily
Contact: +65 6268 7918
Facebook: @ densityfrozencustard

Instagram: @DensityFrozenCustard | #densityfrozencustard

*NOTE: As mentioned, only 3 flavours are available each day as the frozen custards are made fresh daily and not kept overnight to ensure the best of quality and taste. To avoid any disappointment, do check out Density’s social media for daily flavour forecasts

Text and photos by guest writer Kerri