Friday, September 25, 2015

PeraMakan @ TANGS Orchard : Teh Halia or Kopi Susu Choux Puffs?

Rojak, Ban Chang Kueh, Char Kway Teow, Chendol....I didn't expect the number of food stalls at TANGS basement to increase to the scale of a food court all of a sudden. 

It was an unplanned decision to dine-in there with Pretty Mum as we were merely there to browse and buy some kitchen gadgets. With a weakness for all things Peranakan and spicy, we found a quick spot to try one of the stalls, Peramakan, since we only tried its Nyonya Buns and Kuehs from its takeaway outlet in Joo Chiat few years ago
The Nyonya Mee Siam ($6) is both tart and tangy, served with the powerful chincalok sauce for the extra kick. This dry version may be quite scarce on the ingredients like shrimps, etc. but it tastes even more flavorful than the usual wet Mee Siam. Even Pretty Mum who is super picky about her mee siam gave her thumb of approval.
Looking at the display of assorted chap chye and rendang, we could not resist the temptation but ordered some to go along with the Mee Siam (3 assorted dishes with rice at $7.80). 

Unfortunately, out of the 3 choices, I only enjoyed the Nyonya Chap Chye. The Pineapples Assam Fish was not fresh and it was difficult to ignore the powdery texture of the fish. Meanwhile, the Curry Vegetables could do with less coconut milk. 
Interestingly, Peramakan has introduced a new series of French pastries with an Asian twist, on top of their already wide variety of kuehs and cakes. I instantly picked the two massive Cream Puffs in Teh Halia and Kopi Susu ($4.50), which sounded intriguing and unique. Though they were generously filled with cream, I was not sure if that was a good thing as the cream was too thick and could be less viscous.
Teh Halia
Kopi Susu
There were just good hints of ginger in Teh Halia, which means "ginger tea", with bits of grated ginger that lent an interesting note to the puff. However, the Kopi Susur stood out with its aromatic coffee notes and somehow, managed to sustain our interests to the end. For once, I thought the cream was quite an overkill. 

Although I could not detect much Gula Melaka in the Sticky Date Pudding ($5.00, pic below) , the moist chewy texture took to my fancy, especially with the salty buttercream to offset the sweetness.
Nonetheless, I think I still enjoy their old school kuehs best. For instance, the soft rice layer in the Kueh Salaat ($2.20/portion of 2 slices) has just that perfect dose of salt, complementing the sweet yet silky Pandan custard. 
PeraMakan Delicatessen @ TANGS Orchard
310 Orchard Road

TANGS at Tangs Plaza
Basement 1, Food Kiosk 13
Singapore 238864
Tel: +65 67376562
Open daily from 10:30 am to 9:30 pm

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