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Are you bored of the conventional brands off ice cream in supermarkets or looking for higher quality and healthier gelato for your family? Try Papitto, a Singapore online gelato retailer . pints that has been churning the low-fat Italian frozen treat since June 2005. 

When I first tried Papitto a couple of months back, the Strawberry Cheesecake flavour set my heart aflutter as it was lighter in texture than the real cheesecake yet no less authentic due to the chunky graham crumbs and fresh strawberries folded into the cream.
But other flavours that left me deeply impressed. the Belgian Chocolate and Rocher appealed with its robust cacao tones that gradually crawl onto the tastebuds. It's quite a sophisticated level of chocolate satisfaction, unlike some brands whose flavour are either masked by the sugar or taste simply synthetic. 
Low-fat Banana Passionfruit Sorbet 
The French Vanilla, spiked with copious amount of real vanilla beans, speaks its own language to the soul. Smooth, fragrant but could go stricter with the sugar. All these are part of the SPECTACULICIOUS combo (up to $96.00) which allows you to enjoy 6 flavours for the price of 5 pints at only $80.00. 
Hence, I prefer the non-sugar series such as the matcha and black sesame ($18 each) as they tread on the fine line in terms of sweetness. Those who prefer the flavours to be strong and distinct may find the matcha slightly too light but it was still acceptable for me. 

Perhaps the issue that I am concern about is that Papitto's gelato seemed to be very sensitive to temperature changes and thus the ice cream melts very quickly once the pint is out of the fridge. 
Nonetheless, this is not a big problem since the gelatos are easily gone within minutes. For all ice cream lovers out there, you can order these gelato pints online at  They are delivered fast and prompt right to your doorstep within few working days of the date of order. 
With a constant streak to innovate more unique flavours for the increasingly sophisticated palates, do look out for new flavours such as Pu Er with Longan or even Roselle and Rose Hip Tea.
Papitto Gelato
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#03-08,Food Xchange @Admiralty, 

Singapore 757437

+65 81239912
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