ROJAK @ Empress Road Market: Must TRY!! Recommended by MOFA Ambassador-at-large Prof Tommy Koh

In an interview with ST Sunday Times, Professor Tommy Koh, the Ambassador-at-large for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who lived in New York for 13 years as Singapore's permanent representative to the United Nations and 6 years in Washington D.C. as Singapore's ambassador to the United States, counts THIS as one of his favourite food from Empress Hawker.

I believed Professor Koh must be highly knowledgeable on the best hawker food in Singapore, given that he has also been a judge for Singapore Hawker Masters for the past five years. Hence, I noted this down and wanted to try it during the visit when I had POH's chye poh hor fun. Unfortunately, the stall was closed then. 

Nonetheless, I return to try my luck during a Saturday lunchtime and it was opened! The rojak comes in a standard size of $3 but the owner will kindly accommodate your request if you want more than $3.
Chop, chop, chop. Slice, slice, slice. Toss, toss, toss. Occasionally, the uncle turned his back to take out the golden you tiao from the mini red toaster. Everything is prepared in a calm and steadfast manner. And in a jiffy, the plate of rojak was served, albeit at a much larger portion than I had expected for $3
Most importantly, this was the perfect plate that I had yearned for. Crunchy you tiao, chunky slices of cucumber, apples and pineapples tossed in the dark, tangy prawn sauce that is not overly sweet. It's even better than the long-queue Singapore Famous Rojak or the Toa Payoh Rojak

In fact, when I was waiting for my rojak, I had a quick yet delightful chat with this uncle since there was no one in queue behind me. Uncle said that he has been making rojak for more than 20 years since 1987 (even earlier than I was born!) There was a lady in front of me who "dabao" a $4 pack of rojak but she had only a $50 note. Without any small notes to return to the lady, the Uncle gladly asked the lady to pay him next time she visits the stall again. How generous of him! 

It doesn't matter whether this stall has any name at all. I will always remember the kindness and smile of this Uncle (I forgot to ask his name) and most importantly, his super delicious rojak.  

Empress Road Market & Food Centre
Block 7, Empress Road off Farer Road 01-90
Stall next to POH (chye poh hor fun)
Tues-Sun 11am-3.30pm
Closed on Monday