Monday, September 14, 2015

La Boulangerie Quignon Shibuya キィニョン : Full-Cream Scone Shop

When Shibuya Hikarie, the youngest landmark of Shibuya opened back in, one of the shops that caught my attention was this takeaway bakery shop called La Boulangerie Quignon. Meaning "crust" in French, Quignon stood out from the typical bakeries because it specializes in English scones that are made with full fat cream. 

Regular flavors include the marble chocolate, cacao orange, red tea and the best-selling maple. I've tried a couple and they were not outstanding but decent. 

The matcha and black sesame scone were on the dry side but they were not as sweet as the ones from Gontran Cherrier or D&D Tokyo. Meanwhile, the use of purely cream instead of butter did impart a distinctive milk aroma to these leaf-shaped bakes.

Matcha Coronet 

This boulangerie offer breads that totally different from the artisanal French croissants or brioche which one can easily find at La Joel Robuchon Bakery which is just parked next to it. They focus on classic Japanese bread such as Melon Pan, Anpan and Katsu Sandwich. In fact, if you head to their main outlet in Tachikawa or Kokubunji area, there is a wider variety to pick from. But I guessed the breads here sit on the borderline average and are not worth the extra trip into the suburbs.

La Boulangerie Quignon ラ・ブランジェリ キィニョン 
Shibuya Hikarie 
Japan, Tokyo, Shibuya, 2 Chome−21−1
Daily 10am-9pm

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