Saturday, July 11, 2015

Dulcet & Studio : NEW Desserts and Comfort Japanese Western Dishes

In case you might not know, Dulcet and Studio is a casual dining cafe that belongs to the same company as one of my all-time favourite pastry shop in Singapore--Tampopo Deli. I see it as an extension of Tampopo Deli as it serves the same sweets but with an all-day dining menu featuring classic Japanese-Western fusion dishes such as baked rice and pastas. 
Basic such as the flour, pasta and rice are imported straight from Japan. For instance, the Prime Beef Stew Pasta ($23) uses Tagiolini pasta is made in Hokkaido and thus they had quite a distinctive mochi-like chewy texture. Even the beef is even flown in from Iwate prefecture, which might explain why the  was utterly tender and effortless on the bite. 

However, tossing the pasta with a little more sauce could loosen the strands which clumped together unfortunately. Alternatively, one can also choose to have the stew with rice. 
Featuring premium Japanese rice baked to golden perfection in a pool of tangy meat sauce and gooey cheese, this Classic Black Pig Bolognese Doria ($16) is the ultimate comfort dish that warms your heart and fill bellies. 
Never knew how well bananas and baileys could work together until I chanced upon this Banana Bailey ($7),new addition to their selection of consistently soft and fluffy chiffon cakes. I simply adore the subtle banana aroma and the alcohol is mainly concentrated in the cream, which gives just the right amount of kick for a lightweight cake. 
But a look at the display shelf suggests how long I haven't return since my last visit. Their new in-house pastry chef (who is the same chef in-charge of the matcha fondue here) has injected some French influences to the pastries selection here. The flamboyant eclairs reminded me of those from Fauchon but at a more wallet-friendly price of $5 each. 

And here comes the interesting twist. The Summer Breeze (green) is not matcha but a refreshing pairing of peppermint and apple. Meanwhile, the original custard is hidden in the one lined with corns. Containing a concealed layer of praline crunch beneath the rich praline cream, the Praline Buenos truly lived up to its name with a deep, intensely nutty flavour. 
Last but not least, the Matcha Swiss Roll should be crowned as the BEST Matcha Swiss roll you can ever find in Singapore and perhaps even better than some in Japan! 

It is already a winner judging from good signs of an intensely rich tea taste from its appearance. Indeed with deep flavours unconcealed in the spongy roll and cream, this is one cake NOT to be shared :)

Dulcet and Studio 
177 River Valley Road, #01-41/42 Liang Court, Liang Court, 179030
Daily 11am-11pm

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