Saturday, December 27, 2014

Stirling : Quality Grills in the Hood

$2 for a burger? Yes, it is quite unbelievable that one can still find quality gourmet burgers at such an affordable price (other than McDonald's). This petite slider that punches above the rest comes from Stirling, one of the restaurants along the stretch of food outlets opposite Beauty World Centre in Upp. Bukit Timah Road.

The juicy and tender beef patty has a depth of smokiness that when combined with the cheese, roma tomatoes, garlic aioli, makes for a seriously good bite. This is so good that it makes logical and monetary sense to go full course for the Sirloin Steak Burger ($19+). With a moist and plump Sirloin patty, snuggled in between two halves of a lightly toasted bun, this is even more irresistible because of the Jack Daniel infused Shitake mushroom sauce and zesty coleslaw-like salad that softens the bottom bun. Taking pride in its grilling techniques, the Signature plate is none other than the slow charcoal grilled steaks that is served with avocado butter ($35+). Both the sirloin and rib-eye have a nice glorious char outside and luscious red interior but sirloin turned out to be the more flavourful and tender cut with a soft pleasant chew even though it has less fat than the ribeye.
The Pan Seared Duck Breast ($25+) did not forge a deep impression because the meat were dry and flavourless. If the duck could be sliced thinner, the dish has potential to shine because the creamy truffle mushrooms and pencil asparagus was delicious.
At Stirling, from meats to cheese, practically anything can be grilled and the standards are consistent. Take for example the Grilled Halloumi Salad ($9+), a mouth-watering mix of baby spinach and slightly crisp Greek cheese, which gets a fresh bright punch from the dressing and tomatoes. Even fruits like watermelon ($12+) were not saved from the hot grill and ended up as a delightful appetizer served with Parma ham and rocket salad.
Among the non-grilled dishes, I prefer the Caesar salad to the bacon wrapped asparagus ($11+) as the hydrating slabs of crisp iceberg lettuce are slathered in the right amount of dressing, with crispy bits of croutons and bacon adding to the decadence.Surprisingly, there was no grilled desserts, unless you count green tea waffles or crepe as grill items. If dessert is a must, the Mud Pie ($8+) is a dependable choice as it is hard to go wrong with ready-made ice cream and Oreo cookies. However, I would devote the space reserved originally for desserts, all for another plate of Crispy King Salmon ($23+).With a gently-salted and delicately crisp skin falling away to perfectly cooked interior, this dish is testament of the chef's proficiency. I like the idea of using sesame seeds, seaweed flakes in the creamy mash and the savoury roe toppings as they truly enhanced the taste of the moist pink flesh. If someone were to ask me where in Singapore has the best pan-seared salmon, I would say Stirling.
15 Cheong Ching Nam Road
Singapore 599 739
Mon - Thurs:11.30am - 2pm, 6pm - Midnight
Fri and Sat: 11.30am - 2pm, 6pm - 1am
Sunday: 11.30am - 2pm, 6pm - Midnight

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