Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cat and the Fiddle X GEEK Café

 You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen!

The musical song reverberated in this Geek cafe but it does not come from any hi-tech audio system but a gramophone. No manga, no anime, but technology gadgets....and cheesecakes. Alarmingly, the combination seems to work, because the cheesecakes are simply so delicious that you don't have to wait for the laptop to spoil and bring them here for repair in order to have the cheesecake. Just enter and have one. 

Cat and the Fiddle, the brainchild of Daniel Tay (yes, Bakerzin), is a cheesecake online shop that sells more than 10 variety of whole cheesecakes at an affordable price from $19.90. They can be personalized and delivered after the next day. But in a bid to ride on the cafe culture and introduce the cheesecakes to the public, Daniel has decided to launch 11 permanent varieties (all except Mao Shan Wang Durian) in slices exclusively at this café! 
Something that you would want to catch this season is the two christmas editions that are made with the Chocolate Cream Cheese and Spiced Gingerbread Crust. For something light yet boozy, the "Snowy X'mas" ($7.90) that has been implanted with brandied cherries, waits patiently to be devoured.

The "Have a Meowy X'mas" ($7.90) has a darker fudgy allure with dense brownie chunks. Apparently more popular with guys but I doubt it is difficult for ladies to polish this off. 
Instead of the fruity flavours like strawberry, yuzu or lychee, we had the Carribean Surfari ($5.90). It was a sweet sugary work of assaultive pineapple tones accented lightly by coconut and rum. A little more acidity would brighten it up.
 To balance off the cheese intensity, I had a cup of English tea which did not help as it was sugar-added. The Matcha latte ($6) is said to be prepared with milk and premium matcha powder from Japan without adding sugar but I'm still not convinced. Both the latte and French hot chocolate($6) could trim down the sweetness. Perhaps the artisanal hand-drip coffee brews will be a wiser option. 
Tempting as it may be to do, I will not crown a ''best'' cake, but two personal favorites--Sicilian Wild Cats ($7.90) and Sweet & Smoky Taffy ($4.90). The former is theoretically not a cheesecake but wins with a lusciously creamy yet not cloying texture. Look it doesn't even have a crust! It's the familiar "cheese-cake" aka Tiramisu with generous dose of marsala and espresso concentrated mainly in the fat biscuit fingers. Cheesecake or not, you call the judge.
There isn't many salted caramel cheesecakes as delicious as the Sweet & Smoky Taffy in Singapore. Glazed with a brilliant caramel sheen like a dulce le Che spread, the silky mousse-like cheese layer may be a little off-putting for some but the mildly burnt aftertaste from this sweet-savoury pleasure is something that I can never get enough.  
Cheesecakes are often one of those desserts that are thought of as unsophisticated. But cheesecake at its best is a perfect sweet--a smooth, creamy confection with only a hint of tart. And thankfully I've found them at Cat and the Fiddle.

Order your X'mas cheesecakes from 8 December at
All cheesecakes are baked fresh daily with no additives or artificial coloring preservatives

Geek Café 
Blk 81 Marine Parade Central #01-644
Daily 9.30am-10pm
Special thanks to Deborah 

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