Thursday, October 9, 2014

Coco Ichibanya Westgate: New Pancake Wave

Banana Choco Pancake($7.90) 
The Pancake Wave in Japan at might be the motivation behind the launch of pancakes at the Westgate outlet and it is the first overseas outlet to do so. (You can't find pancakes in any Japan outlets either). But pioneering new items are attached with great risks. Outlook were not very optimistic for the pancakes, which had a common problem of being too weighty, dense and chewy.
Portion size is good for desserts but the whipped cream wilted badly at the mercy of the heat emitted from those fresh-of-the-griddles batter. There are currently four variants – Caramel Nutty Pancake, Banana Choco Pancake, Rainbow Fruity Pancake, and Happy Berry Pancake. 
Happy Berry Pancake($8.90) 
So perhaps it may be good to practice some patience and await a better batch of 2nd-generation pancakes as the recipe undergoes a revamp. In the meantime, keep calm and try some of the unique curry that meets the local tastebuds

How can Japanese curry be so spicy that it sets off a burning sensation on the tongue?
Yes, chilli heads will be delighted to know that one can get some kick-ass curry at Coco Ichibanya, if you order the highest level 5. I took up the challenge to have a taste and it approximates close to our punchy Southeast Asian Sambal.  But for those who love the classically sweet Japanese curry, go for level 0.
Instead of going for the recommended items such as Creamy Mushroom Omu or Pork Cutlet Cheese, we placed our bets on the Salmon Croquette with Mushroom Curry($15)-level 2. The mildly-spiced gravy made up for the flatly mediocre salmon croquettes, which came with tiny salmon cubes. 
The idea of customizing your curry level apply to all except for the Omelette rice series. The Pork Cutlet Omelette Curry Rice ($15) with a maximum spice level 3, had a less-than-runny omelette. The breaded Pork Cutlet was crunchy coupled with curry of a faint, fugitive heat.
Healthy Greens with Goma Dressing from the Salad Menu ($4) 
These curry rice meals don't encourage you take petit bites, they exhort you to dig in. Interestingly, the curry here is made with 17 different spices! I was quite impressed by the spiciness of their curry and now I am contemplating to take-away some of the level 4 gravy to go with some fragrant roti-bun next time!
Coco Ichibanya Westgate
01-02 Westgate
Nearest Station: Jurong
Sunday – Thursday: 10am – 9.30pm
Friday – Saturday: 10am – 10.30pm

Thank you Nicole for hosting and Nicolette for the invite!  

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