Monday, October 20, 2014

ANJALI CHOCOLAT: New Artisan Chocolatier at Pasarbella

Located at one corner of Pasarbella, Anjali Chocolat is a new gourmet chocolatory run by Anjali, an ex-banker who decided to pursue her chocolate dreams by selling artisan chocolate truffles. With more than 9 different flavors, each praline is made with exquisite Belgium coveture chocolate and cream butter from France. Each is priced at $3.50 and you can get them in boxes of different size ( $14/$31.50/$56).

What is interesting about Anjali's chocolate is her adventurous spirit in experimenting with exotic spices such as the green anise. I felt as if we were ancient merchants, re-tracing the steps of the Silk Route discovering enchanting tea leaves and spices that awake our senses along the journey. 

For instance, uncommon pralines include Strawberry Green Anise and Earl Grey Tea Citrus. Savour these delicate creations with patience and you may catch some mild inhales from the core flavourOut of the white chocolate selection, I prefer the White Pistachio to the Lemon Coconut truffles as it contains roasted pistachio which imparted a nutty earthiness to the milky treat.
For the purists at heart, try the dark, milk, and white chocolate squares; smooth creaminess of uninhibited pleasures ($1.50/piece)
I love the sandy coating and the bits of semi-fine coffee granules found in this Tiramisu (top left), though the sweetness can be toned down a little. My favourite is none other than these wavy-shaped Star anise bons-bons (bottom right). Star anise are not to be confused with the regular anise that the Chinese used commonly for braising meats. Though stronger and slightly more bitter than anise, this Star Anise doesn't chase one away with the licorice-like flavour. 

Dark Chocolate Rocher ($18/pack)
I might be fussy to say that the subtleties of these chocolates could be further tease out. But with a shortage of passionate chocolatiers in Singapore, Anjali's innovative chocolate truffles is certainly a sight to behold. 

Anjali Chocolat
Pasarbella Grandstand
Facebook Page HERE
Special thanks to Anjali Chocolat

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